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uh - January 21

yeah but people are still saying they got pregnant from pre c_m so yeah


hey - January 22

thanks to Kitty Face... i'm in a similar situation, and that gave me some hope... i'm probably going to get a pregnancy test tomorrow from the store... i really can't be pregnant, and it was only my first time having s_x. I'm so scared


abby - January 23

can you get pregnant from pre ejaculation?


Lucy - January 25

ive been using the withdrawl method for 2 years with my long term partner and so far we have never conceved, is it normal not to have had an accident by now?


3333 - January 26

how long does it take for pre c_m to come out


aj - February 5

I had s_x with my girlfriend.even though i was wearing a condom i still felt gittery about her gettin pregnant.the comdom helped with that.PEOPLE DONT BE FOOLISH USE YOUR HEAD AND USE A CONDOM AT ALL TIMES. If you dont have one go and get one.pre c_m hmmm the only way that u can get pregnant from pre c_m is if there are small traces of sperm in it.from what i have learn some of the sperm is killed inside of the v____a from antibodies trying to kill off the foreign cells.i would suggest a condom should be used to increase chances of NOT gettin pregnant.


crystal chacon - February 15

can you get pregnet by having s_x in the b___t


A Macker - February 20

is my girlfriend more likely to get pregnant because she's asian and her poon is smaller??


A Macker - February 20

also i tap her everyday at least 2 times...but i never nut in her box...


Bob12345 - February 20

I Cummed outside around my girl's v____a, What is the possibility of her getting pregnant?


breana - February 23

where does urination comes out of from a female


aj - February 24

Im really scared right now can someone plz help me out here. well my girl friend and i had s_x without a condom which was pretty was supposed to be only about 3 r 4 days b4 her period came.she played around with me b4 and i felt as though i was going to c_m but i didnt becaws we had stopped and then didnt do anything 4 a while later we had s_x and i came faster than usual i told her i was going to c_m and she got off and i came .could some sperm have been ejaculated and i was unaware of it from the time wen she was playing around with me if anyone can asnwer plz HELP ME


nicki87 - March 18

my bf and i had s_x 3 days ago and the condom fell of in me and we didnt know it he didnt c_m in me but im worried i might be pregnant.but we fooled around an hour before is it possible some sperm could have came out at any point ?help me plz


mizz_kizzez - March 19

It is very possible....


someone who knows - March 24

please al think about this - look back over this thread at how many people have had s_x for a short time without any protection - surely if prec_m was as dangerous as people are making out, there would be information all over the net and this thread of people saying that they got pregnant by prec_m. however, what you will find is that people are getting pregnant by using withdrawal for one of the following reasons: 1. they do not pull out in time due to inexperience or not enough dicipline. 2. they think they have pulled out but the first shot was inside. 3. they have s_x, wipe the p___s and then go again. they then a__sume that the fluid that comes out is prec_m when it is in fact FULL CUM from the ejaculation they just had!!!!!! lok for specific cases on google of people who have got preg from prec_m alone and u will struggle to find them! also, if it is so dangerous, the failure rate would be about 80% failure not success!!! as for the other questions on here - me and my husband are 3 weeks pregnant - we got pregnant 1st time but before this, we had been going in unprotected for a while before using a condom. this proves we are very fertile but prec_m did not work!!!! i also got pregnant on day 21 of my cycle so do not be fooled into all this 14 day thing!! finally i would advise u to have a lok on the net under preejaculatory fluids or preseminal fluids as 'pre c_m' is slang and tends to bring up inaccurate info. i would like yo know how many of the people online have actually gotten pregnant by prec_m beause theere are a gell of a lot of people who are so sure that u can!!! where have they got this info. the function of prec_m is to neutralise the urethra becaude urine pa__ses through the same tubes and is very hostile to sperm. everyone prec_ms as without it, the mans tubes would be far to acidic for sperm to pa__s through. it also helps to lubricate the woman and again neutralise the acidic nature of the v____a.if you urinate after ejaculation (which i imagine most men do?!?!) then u start all over again and u have very acidic tubes that need cleaning by the prec_m. this is sperm free as it is made in the cowpers gland NOT the t______es. hope this helps all u confused people out there!!!


lala - April 17

i was having s_x and the condom broke so we took it off and put a new one on and it broke agian but he kept it on then he took it off cuase he siad he likes it better with out one and then i started bleeding so he put on a condom.. he siad he didnt pre c_m and he didnt c_m in me because after i gave him a hand job so he could finish... is there any way i could get pregnant?



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