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.... - September 10

i forgot to mention that i have the same symptoms as Anonymous has.. i'm worried..


Al - September 20

i had s_x with girl ot to long ago like sptember and i di it with out a condom. but i pulled out is their a big chance she might be pregnant. b/c i talk to people and they say they have done it with out a condom and have not gotten pregnant but i am worried about pre c_m. i am like fliping out like crazy should i be that scared and stop worring about it. like also is abortion kind of the right thing if u are to young b/c it kind of is but if so how much do they they cost. also is their like a morning after pill u can take to give u your period how much time do u have.


rebecca - September 26

you may or may not be take a pegnancy test in a week


Darlene - October 1

s____n exits the p___s during all points of s_x.


anon. - October 31

I'm pretty much in the same situation now, but we have just over 24 hours left to take a morning after pill...The situation was like this, we were having s_x with a condom, and we were both fairly intoxicated. The condom fell off at a point during s_x, and then we stopped once we realized. I didn't c_m, but the issue of her being pregnant is still bugging the both of us. She finished her period less than a week ago, does this mean that there is a low chance of pregnancy? Or a higher chance?


anonymous 2 - November 1

hey, well today i used the pull out method not exactly smart i know. i am very very scared. he pulled out way b4 he came though. we finished a different way. "Orally". i was just wondering if that decreases the percent at all?? pleas answer im scared


anonymous - November 2

Is there anytime the guy can c_m inside and not get pregnant? Is this ture or false and why


Cristina Slomski - November 10

how many days do you have to wait to take a pregnancy test after s_x and know for sure you aren't pregant, doesn't it have to be after so many days to be 100% sure you are not, please help


Scared - November 14

I have a question of much needing answering i pushed in my gf all the way unprotected then i pull out then back in thats all then i put a condom on what are my chance's of getting her pregant with my prec_m


Tim - November 18

I was involved in a similiar situation as "scared"..intercourse with my girlfriend without a condom lasted for about 10 seconds. I then pulled out and we used a condom. If somebody could answer this i'm sure myself and "scared" would be grateful thanks


Audrey - November 21

As mentioned earlier, YES a girl can get pregnant from pre-c_m because there are sperm in it. Using a condom every time is the best way to go, because a woman can potentially get pregnant at any time in her cycle. The chances become highest during the time she is ovulating (about 2 wks after the first day of a period).


Me.. - November 22

If a guy isn't mature enough and he can't c_m yet..Is it possible to get pregnant from him?


gina - November 24

im wondering myself


Alyssa - November 27

Well what if you didn't pre-c_m that much? what if it was a little drop...could you still get pregnant from that?


Annon. - November 27

Not yet mature to c_m? How young is this boy? I can't speak for others, but I could c_m at 12. (I'm now 24). I have to initially say that if he can't c_m, then I don't think you could get pregnant, but I have to ask, how old is he and you?


Malley - November 29

Does Pre Cum Contain Sperm?



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