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JessicaC - June 17

I recommend that people look up some good sources, such as planned parenthood for the effectiveness of the withdrawl method. This should set the record straight. (from www, How Well Withdrawal Works Of every 100 women whose partners use withdrawal, 27 will become pregnant during the first year of TYPICAL use. Of every 100 women whose partners use withdrawal, four will become pregnant during the first year of PERFECT use. Pre-ejaculate can contain enough sperm to cause pregnancy. Pregnancy is also possible if s____n or pre-ejaculate is spilled on the vulva. Withdrawal offers no protection against s_xually transmitted infections. Latex or female condoms can reduce the risk of infection. Advantage of Withdrawal Withdrawal can be used to prevent pregnancy when no other method is available. Who Can Use Withdrawal Couples who have established great self-control, experience, and trust may use withdrawal if necessary. The men who use withdrawal must be able to know when they are reaching ejaculatory inevitability — the point in s_xual excitement when ejaculation can no longer be stopped or postponed. How Withdrawal is Used The man withdraws his p___s from the v____a before or when he feels he has reached the point when ejaculation can no longer be stopped or postponed. He ejaculates outside the v____a, being careful that s____n does not spill onto his partner's vulva. Possible Disadvantages of Withdrawal requires great self-control, experience, and trust not for men who ejaculate prematurely not for men who don't know when to pull out not recommended for s_xually inexperienced men not recommended for teens


lordy - June 19

I find it hard to believe that 27 out of 100 people will become pregnant using the withdrawel method "perfectly" every year. It's not possible. To use the withdrawel method "perfectly," one would have to urinate after ejaculation and before resuming s_xual intercourse, in which case there would be almost zero sperm present in the male's urethra. As stated before, prec_m is not s____n. It is Cowper's fluid...a totaly different body secretion that absolutely does not contain sperm. If sperm are present in prec_m, it is due to the fact that the male has recently ejaculated without cleaning his pipes afterward (urinating). After urination, there would be a minute number of sperm left in the male's urethra, if any at all that may come out with the prec_m. This "cleaning of the pipes" along with perfect withdrawal, const_tute using the withdrawel method "perfectly." I am very aware of my fertility. I chart, and I know exactly when I ovulate each month. And I have been using the withdrawel method with my husband for 6 years, and I have not become pregnant. Also, I did get pregnant when I was a teenager, after only having s_x a few times. I was being careless and stupid. My point is, I have no fertility issues and have been using this method for 6 years and have not become pregnant yet. Failure of this method of birth control in all but about 0.0005% of cases is the result of user error.


lordy - June 20

Jessica, I apologize. I just noticed that you stated that 27 out of 100 couples will become pregnant within a year with "typical" use, not "perfect" use.


Olivene - June 20

Read Rebecca's answer- this is what the latest research says. Most people who think they got pregnant from prec_m were using the withdrawl method and didn't get it out soon enough or had a pervious recent ejaculation. Though, If you don't want to get pregnant, don't take any chances. It only takes one!


Krissiem23 - June 27

I was taugh in science cla__s in high school that pre c_m comes out beforehand to make the environment better for ejaculation. Because urine is acidic, the pre c_m clears all of that out. Thats why pre c_m is clear, not white. This chace of getting pregnant off of it is like less then 1%. But if he is pre c_mming in you, he may have just done more than that!


tHiZzLe - August 22

ok well last night me and my girl were in the car and like before we went out to eat i got prec_m i didnt get anywhere near her with it we eat and then left so on the way back she let me finger her so i did and i had little prec_m on my finger for be4 but it dried CAN SHE GET PREGNANT or no it wasnt a big amount and were 15 BTW so it was exploring


tHiZzLe - August 22

she also cleaned when she got home so will she this thread may be dead but can anyone just please look at it


rachelb - September 2

u know wut for the sake of everyone just say YESSSSS ANYTHING can get u pregnant.... a little c_m on ur hand, some pulling out, some touching after ejavulating.... it ALLL can get u pregnant... and come on u cant pee out sperm if ur a girl.... i couldve told u that even if i was riding a little yellow bus to school each morning.... sheesshhh so if u have any concerns just think YESSS u CAN be pregnant or SHE can be pregnant... the ONLY 1000000% NO is not doing anything but i guess thats like 1 out of 3948950 people!


fetamobile96 - December 5

i have to be right .. i just have to... believe it or not but im somewhat spiritual and whenever a problem happens... or before i find out that there is a problem in my personal life... i ALWAYS get cramps before i find out... and so far ive been feeling calm.. a little curious but calm and no cramps because..... well my girlfriend n i have had protected s_x but only did in a very very short time... unprotected s_x..... but i always peed and cleaned myself before we had s_x... i rather call it intercourse cuz it only lasted a minute or two.. it was only to get a small rise out of eachother... we call it "teasing"... and only do i insert it for no longer for a minute and do a cpl thrusts slowly.... i have never prec_mmed in her... i have been masturbating for years now and i learned how to feel prec_m moving towards the head of my p___s... we recently had unprotected s_x.. again for a minute only.... but she was on top like usual... and i pushed up like 3 times .. but she was doing a little teasing ahead of time like she was going to insert it but didnt... then we did... i kept calm and all.. i did not c_m or get really excited or climax or anything...... but i did feel the prec_m moving up towards my head so when i felt that i quickly pulled out before anything happened...... honestly.. something told me to pull out quick before i could think of what to do and be too late.... but 1 thing.... i masturbated before i took a shower the night before and peed right after i ejaculated..... then later on that night before i went to sleep i peed again... i did not masturbate the next day at any time... nor did i pee.... n then i met up w/ my gf and we did whatever... now i just HAVE to be right on this one.... and id really really appreciate it if you could tell me if im right or wrong, that my girlfriend will absolutely not have a chance of being pregnant because i peed twice before i had intercourse and i pulled out before she could have prec_m..... also i forgot to say... after i pulled out... i ran my finger up my p___s to see what would come out and my prec_m was crystal clear w/ no white whatsoever.... so im pretty sure that everything is gonna be fine... i just wanna see for myself if i am right or not.. please please please get back to me as soon as possible.... ive come a long way to screw things up now...


g_83 - December 7

hi im alyssa i hv a problem, me and my bf we hav withdrawal evrytime we hv s_x, the problem is i might be pregnant now, is it withdrawal can make u pregnant?


Kammie - December 15

my doctor told me that most pregnancys are caused by pre c_m all that means is that he released the smallest amount of seman he doesnt even know when he is doing it. thats why the "PULL OUT" method doesnt work


pre-med - February 1

There is no way, you want proof i am not gunna tell you, i will let you read it!! This is a GOVERMENT WEBSITE, with tests done in lab.......i know the main point of this article is HIV but take the time to read it! The basic train of thought say there ARE NO SPERM IN PRECUM!!!!!!! Here is where to go: -go to google -type this in "Researchers find no sperm in pre-ejaculate fluid." -Click on the first page and read away May the God of grace grant you peace in your worries...........


blueeues03 - April 11

Is it possible to be pregnant even if one of my b___sts are sore only after 1 day past ovulation? or is my b___st sore because my period will begin in a couple weeks


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 12

Ok blueues03-you aren't even pregnant yet. It takes 7-10 days AFTER ovulation for the egg to implant...the egg don't implant the next day and sometimes it won't even implant because there is something wrong with the egg or the sperm. But you wouldn't get sore b___sts that quick from being pregnant. Yes, it is probably just because thats normal for when you get your period. But seriously, you won't get symptoms the day after.


brian1479 - April 12

i was having s_x with my girlfriend and i came in the condom while still penetrating is she at high risk of getting pregnant?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 13

if the condom had no holes then you are fine...just make sure you don't stay in her for to long after though so it can lessen the chances



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