Pre Cum

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latasha - January 25

im 17 i might be pregrant i don't know if im or not but im going to married the father when i turn 18


Maggie - January 31

New scientific evidence has shown that there is no sperm in pre-c_m


Tasha miles - January 31

i've just started taking birth control pills and my period is supposed to come around the 31. i had s_x with my boyfriend on dec 27 and the 30th.. it was very short he was positive that he didn't ejaculate in me. but on the 23 of january we had s_x that night, she was sure he didn't ejaculate in me either. im out of birth control pills and i haven't started my period yet, im a day late should i be worried?


Nini - January 31

Can I get pregnant from prec_m?


Me - February 4

Can you get pregnat when a guy comes on you and then wipes with a towel and then the girl takes towel and wipes with it?????


Jeff - February 4

my gf and I have been having s_x without condoms probably about 85% of the time for months and she's not pregnant, just got her period today infact, and we absolutely go at it, 13 times last weekend. I've done tons of research on sperm in pre c_m, lots saying there is and lots saying there isnt. But, more and more I've been reading that there isnt and it seems the more recent research is concluding that there is NOT any sperm present in pre c_m. If there is it's because of a prior ejac. so I make sure I p__s right after everytime I have s_x to "clean the pipes" so to say. Most people that say there is sperm in pre c_m are either misinformed or misunderstanding of what's being said.


hey - February 7

hey jeff man thanks for all the help i was nervous i got my gf pregnet man were u get ur research?? and 13 times a week dam fool give u props


Dr. Robert Ray - February 9

The only reason to why people still get pregnant is because they don't know when to pull it out. Prec_m is comes throught the prostate gland which is lubercation. Its the same lubercation that is formed in a female v____a when she gets "wet". Sperm gotta travel all over the place, and before it even reaches the prostate gland, that gland has already released lubercant to help the sperm get to the egg on a "safe" trip. Reason to that is because there is "acid" and other things that kills a lot of sperm while its making its trip to the egg.


Jeff - February 9

I just entered "sperm in pre c_m" into google. there are a load of sites about it, a lot of them still saying that there is sperm in it just because these new findings are very recent. but the new info is out there. I'm in college right now and I see my gf every other weekend, that's why we get so crazy, haha. I'll be seeing her this weekend ;-). I back up what dr ray said, pre c_m lubricates the ureathra(sp) and neautrilizes any acids and germs that are left over because they are harmful to sperm. Pee does the exact opposite, it kills any left over sperm after a guy c_ms, so after everytime you have s_x, make sure to pee.


John - February 10

i am not sure if it can make u pregnant but it is a stage before you actually start producing real white c_m.


mikhaelle - February 11

I was wondring can you be pregrant and still have a period.


Chris - February 13

Thx jeff, I've been looking at sites a lot lately and its been confusing on who to believe. Finally, I got some closure on the issue


- - February 13



melissa - February 13

if a guy pulls out before c_mming inside of me could i still be pregnant?


davey - February 15

were do yall live


davey - February 15

well i had s_x with my gf and this is the last time im doing it unprotected bc im tired of worrying well i c_mmed about 8 seconds after i took it out but before that we were messin around alittle bit and a pulled out and went back to it again im wandering if i ahd enough pre c_m to get her pregnant...



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