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davey - February 15

well i had s_x with my gf and this is the last time im doing it unprotected bc im tired of worrying well i c_mmed about 8 seconds after i took it out but before that we were messin around alittle bit and a pulled out and went back to it again im wandering if i ahd enough pre c_m to get her pregnant...


Chris - February 15

You cannot get pregnant from prec_m because it is secreted from the prostate, not the t______es, so therefore there is no sperm in it and the only way you can get pregnant from it is if your boyfriend ejaculates and you have s_x again. Some sperm can be left in the urethra and life in there until more prec_m is secreted. Also, prec_m is a more of a lube than anything else and helps coat the urethra so sperm don't die because of the acid from urine. ALWAYS use protection though


rebecca - February 15

apparently prec_m can't get you pregnant jane, cuase it comes form a differn't gladn or seomthign, its a scary thign thouhg to think you are pregnant. im kinda going through the same thign so email me... rebecca at [email protected] -becca


Unlucky - February 16

On dec. 27, 2004. I was penetrated about 4 times and now i am afraid that I am pregnant. Can pre-c_m cause pregnancy? Did he penetrate enough for pre-c_m to be present. Please help, i am a college student and this was a mistake b/c he was a family friend.


davey - February 17

can stress add more days to the period?


davey - February 17

can worrying about getting pregnat add more days to your menstrual period


kkk - February 19

can i be preagnant from pre c_m? if so whats the percent


Kathy - February 21

Wow, this whole discussion on pre-c_m is certainly more popular then i thought. I'm currently worried that i may be pregnant due to the result of pre-c_m, but I'd rather have some solid facts on the subject. Does anyone know where we can find factual articles on this subject??


Kathy - February 21

Well girls, I did my research and it appears as though pre-c_m can in fact make you pregnant, but only when the deed is done more then once. In other words sperm remains in the male's urethea after he c_ms once. If you have s_x again (without him urinating first) then the sperm can enter your body along with the second dose of pre-c_m. I hope this makes sense.


Eric - February 22

my gf is 17 this year.we did not have any s_xual intercouse.mayb just rubbing of our privates against each others,but no actual base on the "pre-c_m"theories,i'm wondering if she could get pregnant doing this.after each ejaculation i usually pee and wipe with a towel.i've read about sperm/s____n leaking into the v____a and getting the girl pregnant.what i'd like to ask is,what is the earliest earliest earliest form of pregnancy detection?since missing her period could be due to other reasons?she a__sures me that she knows her own body,and that her period can be quite irregular,but i'm worried,cos i'm a can u girls really feel something's wrong just weeks or days after s_x?thanks.


crystal-Ann - February 22

it is sperm which a man produces before he ejaculates and yes it can make u pregnant if it finds its way into your vagins via a finger


Jay - February 22

i am pretty sure you cannot if you and your girl are messin around and u pre- c_m u cannot the deed only happens if u c_m once and then yah doin the deed again so if u havent bust fully yet durin s_x and you pre c_m he 1st time there is no need to worry


PERSON - February 22

me and my g/f have had s_x with no protection and i prec_med in here i bet, i dont think she is pregnant because she started her period the very next day. i could be wrong though.


Eric - February 23

hmmm if a girl is a few days or weeks many heartbeat should i hear from her stomach?cos for me,a guy,one heart beat can be i'm wondering if a girl will have 2 distinct beats if shes pregnant?or will they beat as 1?days?weeks?


Angelique - February 24

yes you can get pregnant from prec_m as it is a fluid to clean out the urethra as urine kills sperm. there is a possibility sperm could be in iit in minute amounts so i repeat YES YOU CAN. , any REAL doctor can tell you this


Me - February 24

I inserted my p___s in my girlfriend once and it was only for a second and i dont even think i pre c_mmed but of course am not sure. What are my chances of her being pregnant? And yes I did ejaculate earlier that day.



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