Pre Cum Possibilities

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Fox - June 8

My girlfriend and I have been together for a few months now and we have been fooling around a bit from time to time. Although I have made a point not to ejaculate My girlfriend says she's late and I'm really concirned. I've read about Prec_m and how it can get wemon pregnant. I have m____eed and ejaculated but not within 24 hours of intercoarse and I had urinated at least twice and showered within those time periouds. I'm wondering if somehow Sperm could survive under these surc_mstances and impregnate my girlfriend. It should also be mentioned that I have not been using a condum because they break reguarily with me and dont feel like a reliable safety net. Although I am looking for good news I'm willing to take bad news as well just because I need to make a few decidions that are inherently connected to this situation. thank you to anyone who can give me information on this subject.


Soontobemom - June 9

Prec_m is our lubrication making you ready for s_x. So, I dont think it matters when you masturbate or shower. Yes, you can get her pregnant on that. Although it is unlikely because there are way less sperm in prec_m than ejaculate. Why doesnt she wear a female condom, they work just as well as male condoms, however a bit more expensive. For a couple of bucks each, they are worth it.


Fox - June 10

Thanks for the feedback, its good to know. I have to say i haven't heard of a femaile condom. do you have a brand name i can start looking at so I can read into them a bit more?


Helpful - June 11

Yes, just because you don't noticeably ejaculate doesn't mean that you are not depositing pre-c_m fluid into her v____a. Don't kid yourself. It has nothing to do with how much you peed or showered, you are aroused when you are inside a woman, even if you haven't reached climax. She may be pregnant. Good Luck



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