Pre Cumming

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CaitlynCook22 - November 17

Me and my boyfriend did not use condoms, yesterday & today we had s_x. How do you know if he pre c_mmed? And could i be pergnant? Please help im very worried because i had just learned about this today. Thank you!


R__ - November 17

Well, usually pre-c_m comes out before he ejaculates so he most likely did. it would be similar to come if you all were checking just not as much. there is a chance you are pregnant but we would have to have more information to give an opinion. like when was your last period, are you having any symptoms?


Kas - November 25

Pre-c_m is a clear-ish substance (less that 0.5 ml) which is suposed to help with lubication. It does not contain any sperm nor is it forced out with any muscular action like ejaculate, and you cannot get pregnant from it. If he has actually orgasimed and ejaculated seamen, that is another story.


Malica - November 25

Actually, if he's just recently ejaculated then his next prec_m will contain some sperm, but otherwise there is very little or no sperm in pre-c_m. Still, the withdrawal method of birth control is horribly unreliable. Please consider staring the birth control pill and start using condoms to protect yourself from both STIs and pregnancy.


tish212 - November 26

wow..uh u might want to do research before u type, prec_m does contain sperm...and u can get pregnant from it....I suggest instead of listening to false advice u should research prec_m online and if ur late for af take a test.


kay101 - November 26

ok prec_m doesn't contian sperm - it IS used for lubrication PRE-EJACULATE (which most people just commonly call prec_m because who wants to say ejaculate?) does contain sperm, it is an involuntary emission prior to ejaculation that a man cannot feel or control.


Teddyfinch - November 26

i agree with tish. prec_m actually does contain sperm. if you don't want to get pregnant, the pull out method isn't the best way to go.


jennifer_33106 - November 26

Kay! who wants to say PreCum!? With all the Pre-c_m and Pre-ejaculate flying around, Im glad I brought my banana!!!


Teddyfinch - November 26

got my fish and 2 bananas!


tish212 - November 26

lmao is just a flying around here...where's the soap?


jennifer_33106 - November 26

I think... I got some in my eye!!!


BouncingBabyBoy - November 26

don't get prec_m in your belly b___ton!!!!


Teddyfinch - November 26

it's ok, she had a spare banana. the belly b___ton is safe now!


BouncingBabyBoy - November 26

Good thing!


Kas - November 26

Here is a quote from a peer reviewed scientific paper stating that there is no sperm in pre-ejaculate: "Abstract: Purpose: To determine if spermatozoa are present in the preejaculatory penile secretion, originating from Cowper's gland. Methods: Design: Prospective clinical and laboratory study. Setting: Andrology and S_x Counseling Unit, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Academic Teaching Hospital. Patients: Five patients referred for premature ejaculation, three for excessive fluid secreted during foreplay and four normal healthy volunteers. Intervention: Gla__s slide smears of preejaculatory Cowper's gland secretion obtained during foreplay from at least two different occasions, and s____n samples after masturbation. Main Outcome Measures: Microscopic examination of air-dried smears, and routine s____n a___lyses. Results: None of the preejaculatory samples contained sperm. All the patients had sperm in routine sperm a___lyses. Conclusions: Preejaculatory fluid secreted at the tip of the urethra from Cowper's gland during s_xual stimulation did not contain sperm and therefore cannot be responsible for pregnancies during coitus interruptus." I also ran across an article stating that HIV-1 can be transmitted through pre-ejaculate.... just incase you are unsure about your boyfriends STD status. This forum doesn't allow me to give you the URL for the articles because it thinks that I am putting ads up... You can get the articles by searching Google scholar for the t_tles of the articles: 1. 'Short Communication: Does Preejaculatory Penile Secretion Originating from Cowper's Gland Contain Sperm?' 2. 'Delayed Application of Condoms Is a Risk Factor for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection among Homos_xual and Bis_xual Men'


PreciousBaby19 - November 26

pre c_m does contain who ever says it doesn' just....sigh...sad. sure there isn't a lot or of good quality but there are some traces of sperm in prec_m. youc an get pregnant of it..but its not very common.


Teddyfinch - November 26

kas' post was too long. didn't read it. didn't need to cuz it was wrong. there's not much sperm in prec_m and the sperm that is present is mostly non mobile, but there are at least a few there and it only takes 1 sperm to make you pregnant.



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