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Basti - October 10

Hello,my friend was abit paranoid and asked

me to say this: (One day I ejaculated and maybe didn't urine

after and then 4 hours later I met my girl and then had some

fun but there wasn't any penetration at all and even my

penis didn't touch her vagina but I saw a drop of precum on

the top of my penis then after about a minute I removed it

with my finger and after nearly another minute I may have

accidentally fingered her vagina with the same finger,this

day was 20th September and last time she had period was

about 3rd September and then she had her period on 28th

September so are there any worries?)


Ps note that he also told me that he asked her if the blood was heavy or not and she told him that it was heavy as usual although the period was a few hours late


Grandpa Viv - October 19

There is no indication that sperm could have entered her vagina, she had a normal period and is not complaining of early pregnancy signs. She is not pregnant. 


FirstTimeMommy08 - November 2

Hey grandpa viv

Today (nov 2nd) i am 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant after trying for 5 years but.....

Me and my boyfriend broke up in june. Stupid me i dont know why i did it but i did it, i slept with someone else june 17th ????. I had a VERY HEAVY period june 27th reg 4-5 days my cycles are normally 30-32 days. 

In july me and my boyfriend was still talking and having sex ALOT. At the end of july like the 29th-30th i had spotting for 4 hours then stopped never happend before. On Aug 1st i went to a drs appointment and had a positive test.

The next day in the evening i had cramping so i went to the ER. And ultrasound was done but only saw a sac then said im 95% chance for a misscarriage with hcg level 90. August 10th i went back to the ER another ultrasound measured me at 5 weeks 2 days no heartbeat or fetal pole. With hcg of 1750Both those were transvaginal

Went to the drs and he took blood my hcg levels were still doubling so he said no d and c yet he sent me for another ultrasound Aug 16th the tech did an abdomen ultrasound and only saw the sac. Then he decided to do a transvaginal to make sure and after 10-15 mins he said i found a VERY tiny fetal pole and a heartbeat of 86 at 6weeks 1 day. 

Then i went to repeat a transvaginal Aug 23. I measured 7 weeks 1 day heartbeat of 108. Again transvaginal ultrasounf done sept 6th measured 9weeks snd 1day heartbeat was 180

At my final ultrasound just a abdomen one i measured 13 weeks 1day. 

I know theres DNA Testing but ill lose my boyfriend forever if its june guy. 

My questions are

When did i concieve?

Why isnt the ultrasound and lmp matching? Ultrasound puts my LMP at july 4th

Is my boyfriend the father? Coneption wouldnt be further then gestational age and if it was june guy wouldnt i measure 20weeks?



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