Precum And Pregnancy

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brandiann - May 21

I know you can get pregnant off of prec_m. My question is how likely is it ? anybody have a statistic ?? If me and my fiance had s_x every day (sometimes more than once a day) for at least the past 2 1/2 months.. with no protection (I am allergic to latex and lambskin is a pain + super expensive) but he always pulled out. How likely is it i am pregnant? My last period only lastest about 2-3 days which isn't normal for me. I haven't missed a period yet and the preg test i took came up negative, but it is still about two weeks till my next period and preg test are only like 53% affective if taken more than 5 days before your missed period.


clindholm - May 21

I don't know statistics for this, but aside from the prec_m, just using pull out is very risky. Sometimes guys have a hard time controlling it and they may not get out in time. You may want to try getting on the pill or something if you are not wanting to get preg. You still have to worry about std's if you are not willing to use condoms. A test will not be accurate until at a minimum of like 4 days before your period. Good luck.


Teddyfinch - May 21

if you still have 2 weeks until your period, then you wouldn't even have implanted yet. and if you aren't trying to get pregnant (the reason why you name the condoms you can't/won't use) why aren't you on birth control pills? i say worry about testing when you're late and might have actually conceived. good luck for whatever you're hoping for.


E586467 - May 21

If you really don't want to get pregnant go on the pill before it's too late. My hubby & I conceived my 3 yr dd using the pull out method, even though he never once came inside me. Fortunately for us we were already talking about having a baby so we were happy about it. Don't know of the statistics as I think it would have a lot to do with how fertile you & your partner are, but YES it does happen & it's not a safe way to have s_x if you don't want to fall pregnant.



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