Precum Pregnancy

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PJ - December 9

me and my girlfriend had s_x a week ago, her period is due right around christmas, and all i want for christmas is for her to get period so we can sleep a little easier. we were folling around and got a little carried away, we were both gonna be virgins til marriage but blotched that up, so i was wondering, i put my p__s inside her va___a unprotected and did not c_m, is there a chance she could be pregnant? i hadn't jacked off for like 4 or 5 days, or more, and obviously took a leak in that time, we were with her family ove thanksgiving and when we got home we did it, a little help here? and we werent ready for s_x, we know that now, that was th ONLY time we will do it. end of subject! please help! thank you, email me too please! [email protected] thank you


Kristen - December 9

it only takes one time but its to early to tell all you can do is wait and see. since you both know your not ready i hope she's not but remember that if she is its not the end of the world and that you both can make great parents. if she is late you should go and buy a home pregnancy test. Best of Luck


Andria - January 2

From what i've heard pre c_m can get a girl pregnant but the chances are slim. If she's not pregnant be smart next time and wear a condom.


nicole - January 7

me and my boy friend did it with no protection is there a possibility i cold be pergnant


Jeff - January 10

I'm sure she wont get pregnant, you're just paranoid. I started having s_x with my gf a few months ago (I know it's not long, but it's more than once without coming!) and we've done it a number of times without a condom and she's having her period right now.


jose - May 19

i had s_x with my girl 2 days ago...and while i was having s_x my condom broke on me and i noticed then i checked if i had prec_m..and i dont know if it was hers or mine..but right getting im just waiting for her to get her period...and im not ready to be a father right now...i have no job or a education....what do i do???


nikita - May 19

today is may 19 and we had s_x with my gf several hours ago. can she get pregnant even if i did not c_m insde of her? and wat about pre-c_m? btw, iv'e already tried withdrawal method for a long time and my gf aint got preg..and also, she had her menstruation last may 10 and it ended in may 14..iv'e read that women can't get pregnant approximatley 13 days starting from the first day of her menes...and so it means that she'll become fertile again on may there is a very very slim chance of her getting preg..but it still worries me bcoz iv'e also heard of spermcells surviving inside of women 4 as long as 3-5 days...pls help me guys..remember its 19 today and she''' bcome fertile again on the 23rd...4 days from now!



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