Pregnancy After An Abortion

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adrenochrome - August 3

Sorry - typo. If you go on the pill right after an abortion you will have a period 3 weeks later - the week of the sugar pills, not 2 weeks.


jennifer84 - August 15

im livin proof u can have a baby after an abortion, i had my 1st baby at 17 n then fell preggies again a month later, i had to do it 4 the sake of my 1st son as i no i wouldent be able to cope as much as it killed me inside, i felt dead 4 2 years after but then i fell pregmant with my 3rd child a beautiful girl. but u no wot i wouldent change wot i did then 4 the life im givin my 2 children i have now. n yes im now hopein im pregnant again now im 6 days late but done bout 5 hpt n they ave all came out neg, if u want a baby to much its not gonna happen u have to get on with ur life stop thinkin bout it to much believe me it will happen, if u want some things in life to much it will take longer for u to fulfill ur dreams


GimmeaBub - August 27

I believe that the overall descion to have an abortion is left upon the individual. I had an abortion when i was 18, it wasnt a very hard descion for me to make, because i was a selfish teenager who decided i would rather be caught out partying late than have any more responsiblities, Please keep in mind that i fell pregnant due to a faulty condom ( this is with my fiance who i am still with). I do often wonder what my child may have been like that being said and done i would have a 3 year old now. But i do wonder if i could have bought the house i live in, travelled with my fiance and enjoyed every moment of my teen years. Given so, I do not commend those who have abortion and continue to have unprotected s_x, when they are very aware of whatcan happen, It is very very possible to fall pregnant straight after an abortion as an abortion like a dc, smooths the wall of your uteral lining making it very easy for a fertilised egg to attach. That is why after my abortion my dr strictly ordered me to refreame from s_x for just a little while as to avoid becoming pregnant again. Girls, having s_x is a big descion, having a baby is a big descion and there is no doubt in my mind that having an abortion is also a very big descion. Lets try to less criticise these Ladies who have or are having an abortion and be sympathetic. I have recently been pregnant twice this year after having abortion 3 years ago, however due to medication i was taking i had lost both babies, i am now off medication and trying for baby number 1. I know many women who have falled pregnant after abortions, remember abortions are performed by a professional, and i am sure that they would be extra careful when considering that they would not like to be sued by a younge woman because of an abortion gone wrong. If you are unsure of what an abortion has done to your body ask your dr, have tests perform to check you all over. I had this done recently and i am in perfect health, all i can say is best of luck to those who have experienced this as i feel for some of you it will be a very large moral issue but please remember you are never alone! Baby Dust and Best of Luck!


kclark07 - November 14

i had my ab on may 1. we're trying to concieve, and i'm a__sured that it'll happen eventually, but i know how hard it is to wait. when i concieved the first time, it was by a man who was a friend, who took advantage of me one night. i never drink. and i shouldn't have that night, but whatever. what's done is done. my husband [got married in Aug] knows everything about it. when i found out i was pregnant, i immediately got an ultrasound in order to find out the conception date. when i found out it was that night. i felt like a sledgehammer hit me. i had the ab as soon as possible. now, i wish i had known this pain before i walked into that room. i have been pro-life since i was little, and my baby brother died from birth defects. when i found out i was pregnant with that man's child, that entire situation shattered my worldview of abortion, as well as the view i had of myself. i felt that i nolonger could have an opinion about ab. Now, thru God's incredible healing, i can again say that i am pro-life. but not the naive, uneducated, ignorant type. i am unfortunately well educated as to why i will NEVER do that again. and i don't force my opinion on anyone else. i just know that for me, i cannot ever condone it for myself, ever again. I remember on the day of my ab, driving by the hospital where pro-lifers were picketing with all sorts of fantastic [sarcasm!] signs about how God is going to punish abortioners, etc. etc. and wanting to scream at them and ask "prolife??? well, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HELP ME, RIGHT NOW??? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO HELP ME GET THROUGH THIS???" easy for them to march outside, without having to get their hands dirty, offering no practical help, just heaping on the guilt and shame onto every young woman who was about to walk into that hospital and terminate her pregnancy. I can't wait to fulfill a dream that i've had since i was small, a dream that my ab nearly crushed; i'm going to offer practical help, by opening a maternity home for young teen moms who have nowhere to go and want to keep their babies. i'm willing to put my prolife money where my mouth is. do something practical. change and save lives. after i had my ab, i felt like such a hyprocrite, since this has been a dream for about 10 years. i felt like i could never do it, since i chose to not tough it out myself. but now, i realize that i MUST do it. That these girls will be able to learn and benefit from my mistake. and i'll be able to tangibly help them. to all those women out there who are reading this, i challenge you go rise from the ashes of the past, much like the phoenix, make your pain [when you're at a place where you can emotionally] into something beautiful by helping other women who are going through this. if you allow your pain to immoblize you, then why bother going though it??? most of us had no idea what lay ahead before the ab, so why not use your voice of experience and educate people??!! take your pain. make it something beautiful. not by preaching condemnation or hatred or guilt, but by educating others as to the detriments of it. i too am a christian, and i too believe that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. i know, also, that God is just, and we do have to seek repentance and forgiveness. then, we must WALK FORWARD. change the world. one life at a time. hence, my maternity house :)


MamaSM - May 3

Dear Ladies, thank you so much for taking the time to share your pain and lessons. I only wish I read it before I had a medical abortion 7 weeks ago. It was my first and as my gut feeling a__sured me of the fragile trust between my guy and I, it seemed like the best thing to do then. I am surprised that I didn't even tell my own mother and sisters who have always loved me. I felt like a failure for getting pregnant so thought there was nothing to tell. I am going through depression as I am struggling to recover and balance myself mentally. I just recently talked to the lady my guy was with my guy the day I was at the hospital taking the first pill. I was so deeply hurt. I have been dying for a week since I found out. How inhumane was he!!! I am fearful to hope to find love, trust and a baby. It kills me to see my friend's baby. Probably, narrow of me. But life is beautiful and meaningful after all. I just want to make it through this period alive. Thank you ladies again. Oh, one sad thing was that conception happened almost the same day as my father's death a year ago. It spilled my blood inside when a gf of mine told me that it could have been my father's reincarnated spirit. I don't know any of it anymore.


Teddyfinch - May 5

well, first, no i don't think it was your father's reincarnated spirit. you have your father's spirit inside of you because he's half of you. and secondly, some day you'll find the right guy that will treat you right and will live only to love you and you'll have the baby you've always wanted. it's unfortunate this jerk got to you, but don't worry. life has a way of getting people back. you stay strong and don't worry. life doesn't put anything on your shoulders that you can't handle.


forgiven77 - May 9

I just recently made the biggest mistake of my life on May 3 - so tomorrow will be a week and the pain of course is very very fresh. I am 35 yrs old and could not believe that i was pregnant - shortly after I found out my son who is 17 and his g/f were pregnant too. Our due dates were 10 days apart. I was a born again christian in 2001 but slowly backslid into the ways of the world. My negative thoughts would not let me enjoy my blessing..... I was tormenting my mind. I had two opposing people inside my head....the born again person reminding me that ab was a sin vs. the worldly person telling me that my life would be easier considering the circ_mstances at this time in my life. When I went to the doctor a second time I saw my sweet baby moving during the ultrasound and I told myself that I was having the baby. I called my sister and told her that she did not need to go with me to get the abortion. I even bought maternity clothes 2 days before. On Saturday a force of weakness came over me and it was like i was a zombie - I went straight to the clinic by myself and as much as i wanted to walk out I forced myself to go thru it even though I was still scared and unsure. These people did not care about me....shortly they sent me on my way still very drowsy from the drugs I drove myself home. Once the drugs wore off - the feelings of regret kicked in and I could not believe what I had done. I screamed, I cried, I honestly wanted to die. I knew that I had two children that I had to live for and I had to get it together. I went to church on Sunday and asked GOD to forgive me. My ungodly friends tried to console me by telling me that it probably wasn't meant to be.....then I started to blame the devil for my weakness.....then I realized I had no one to blame but myself. I had someone pray for me and until then I realized why Jesus died for our sins. I realized how blessed we were and how beautiful GOD is that he sacrificed his only son to wash away our sins. At that moment I gave my life back to the LORD. I realized had I been closer and stronger in my walk with GOD that my faith would have not let me go thru what I have done. It brings me hope to hear of the mothers on here that have learned from there mistake and now choose life. I believe that if more people spoke out about the regret and pain after an abortion that so many baby's lives would be saved. I found out from so many friends and family members that they had also gone thru the same experience and I would've never known it before. If I can help one woman reading this site to not have an abortion I would feel closer to healing my own pain. GOD Bless all of you on here for sharing your stories and know that if GOD can forgive you - than surely you can forgive yourself because we are not bigger than GOD. Accept his precious gift of forgiveness and volunteer or minister to someone thinking of an abortion.


Teddyfinch - May 10

if you saw the baby moving, you were what 8w? i think you should have seriously considered adoption and if you don't want to get pregnant, use condoms, get fixed or get on a form of b/c. because abortion is the lamest form of birth control and you are so old you should have known better. now that i'm done admonishing you, don't be hard on yourself. everyone has moments of weakness and in time you WILL learn to forgive yourself for it. but for you to truly repent, if you are truly born again, you need to find ways to avoid pregnancy if you are unable to handle it. i'm sorry i don't have any kinder words, but i'm kind of shocked. but it happens every day. you're not the first or the last woman to have one, so you'll be alright. just stay strong and remember you do have 2 children to live for.


Jess3333 - May 15

i have a question please.. I had an abortion 1 month ago and havent started my period, but i went to the doctor to get on birth control and had a positive pregnancy test. when will my body go back to normal?


Teddyfinch - May 15

depending on how far along you were and if they got everything, you'll test positive. you might ask that some betas be taken so they can make sure all the levels are falling like they should.


Rach - June 5

HELP ASAP I am SO LOST! I've been looking for answers all over the net! I'm in a pickle! ok heres the prob!!! I had a hard pregnancy! I just had my son on May 5th 2008 Via C-Section. I'm still slighty scuffing?! light pinkish blood spots go's away for a day or so then comes back and i still have 1 st_tch on my lower stomach!. it hasn't yet been 6 weeks just yet, and my husband and I enjoyed ourselves s_xually when i was pregnant ( no worries) And the other night we were fooling around and he pullout but i'm still worried. I'm going to buy plan B but I'm scared for my uterus and I'm freaking out that "Can I already Be pregnant?" even though I'm slightly bleeding?!! I also felt bad when i read that it's a chemical abortion and yet i'm still not ready to go through all that c___ppy treatment again. today i feel a bit dizzy and i have headaches but, i want to know is it possible?! and I want others out there to give me some advice! please! I know it was stupid of me but my hospital won't even let me get a tubical ligation and is taking too long to book me for birthcontrol! og god i just feel so bad and stupid. my husband puts me on the spot a lot i had no worries when i was already pregnant. i said i don't want another 1 until we plan but i have a feeling he's hoping to get me pregnant asap. please help! advice?!!.... THANKS in advance...


Teddyfinch - June 7

i know it's been said you can resume being s_xually active when you feel ready, but if you still have st_tches in you? i think you should wait for your 6 week exam. that's pretty much to tell you if you're ready for that yet. especially after a c section. and if by chance you've ovulated and today is your conception, then it won't be a chemical abortion and there won't be any horribleness to it. it just keeps it from implanting and you have your period and bleed it out. and if you aren't ready for another baby, get him to wear a condom and don't give in without it. he isn't forcing s_x on you, so you're both in this if you get pregnant again. none of this "my husband puts me on the spot". if you agree to s_x without protection, you agree to another possible pregnancy. i doubt you are, though, but you might take an ovulation test to see if you're fertile.


sarah - June 13

i had an abortion about a year ago ,,, everything went smooth.. no problems well now im finding it hard to get pregnant .....i need help... its eating me alive and its all i can think about.. please someone help


georgelakshmi - June 17

If it was done properly then no problem. Then you can get pregnant. Lakshmi


undecided - June 26

I am planning on having an abortion but am afraid of the guilt I will feel. I am not in the ideal situation and could manage but I want to wait until I am happy and ready but I feel like it is wrong to have an abortion. I am just so confused. I would like to take control of my life, do this and wait for a better time, is that so wrong?


Malica - June 26

undecided - even with planned pregnancies there is often some sadness when one realizes exactly what one will be giving up to be a parent, and some adjustment into a new role. And not to be a pessimist, but is there ever truly a "perfect" time? (I know I used that excuse for quitting smoking -- and it was an excuse I could use for almost a decade). I am pro choice and not trying to sway you one way or another, but I wanted to point out that some of the things you're feeling are normal for all pregnancies, not just unplanned ones. I believe most clinics do offer counselling and can help you sort out some of these things you're feeling.



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