Pregnancy After Oral Sex PLEASE HELP

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Nicole - October 14

I gave my boyfriend a handjob and 30 minutes later he fingered and gave me oral s_x... is there a chance i could get pregnant? This happened the day after my period ended and now i am having a really thick discharge... PLEASE HELP!


Anon - October 15

No you can not be pregnant.


A friend - October 22

Is your discharge like egg whites and very stretchy if you touch it? If so, that means you're ovulating and should AVOID PREGNANCY. If it's a creamy lotion type, that means you've already ovulated and could be (COULD BE) past ovulation. Read up on how conception actually happens - you'll see that out of millions of sperm only a select few actually make it all the way up your fallopian tubes to fertalize with the egg. THat would have had to be one super charged sperm on your boyfriends finger to do that alone. Please, be more careful. Check out birthcontrol. Ok? Best of luck to you...


jerry - October 22

You could be pregnant. The best thing to do is get on some birth control or get a vasectomy. Then you won't have to worry about this kind of stuff all the time.


lol jerry - October 29

girls don't get vasectomies, they get their tubes tied.


Someone - October 29

Errrr.... nop. If no penetration, how can you get pregnant?


errr - October 30

Someone needs to brush up on the s_x ed. You do not have to have penetration to get pregnant. Nicole if sperm never came anywhere near your v____a then the answer is NO. If you only gave him a handjob and he only gave you oral s_x you can not be pregnant. But if somehow you get sperm near your v____al opening--not even inside but just near, it is possible for you to become pregnant but chances are very slim.


m - November 22

fyi, sperm will die within a couple minutes when coming into contact with the air. you probably are not preggo



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