Pregnancy From Pre Cum

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Worried - September 12

Me and my boyfriend have been having s_x alot lately and the last 2 times, we didn't have a condom.. He didn't come inside of me but he finished off by hand.. After that, he wiped off his p__s and we had unprotected s_x again, but he didn't come inside of me.. It has been 13 or 14 days since the first day of my last period.. I believe I am, or soon will be ovulating.. Is there a high risk of pregnancy??


Worried - July 27

Answer my question! I need help as soon as possible!


Anon - July 27

Hun, there is only one thing to say, and that is wait and take a test. Yes you can get pregnant from pre-c_m. Everytime you have unprotected s_x, there is a high risk of pregnancy. Next time just use protection. It's not that hard =) All I can say is wait and take a test, I know it doesnt help you much, But i think it is all someone can say. Good Luck


Worried - July 27

My period is supposed to come in 14 days.. When is the earliest I can take a home pregnancy test?


CR - July 27

Remember, pre-c_m has hundreds of thousands of sperm in it, from previous ejaculations. You say that your boyfriend wiped his p___s off and then you had unprotected s_x again but he did not c_m? There is several times more sperm in his pre-c_m this time because he has just ejaculated. There is no way of getting it ALL out! I would say wait until you have missed your period to take a pregnancy test. Hope this helps! Good luck :)


Worried - July 27

Are there any early signs of pregnancy I can watch out for? Within the week?


brucen - July 28

It is possible to become pregnant from pre c_m, though unlikely. If a man urinates after ejacualtion the number of sperm found in prec_m decreases. However in your case since he had just ejaculated and the amount of sperm found in the pre c_m increased. There is ceratainly a higher risk for you in this case. Wait until you miss your first period or if it has been less than 72 hours after this incident, see a health care professional for the "morning after" pill.


Worried - July 29

What are the chances I am pregnant from the pre-ejaculate and I was about a day away from ovulating at the time?


mandy - July 29

Yes, pre-c_m is probably most likely to get you pregnant. This is because guys can't tell when this fluid comes out, unlike actual c_m. It isn't as highly concentrated BUT it contains more than enough sperm! Remember, it only takes ONE sperm to get you pregnant!


lauren - July 30

dont worry rite now..wait until your AT LEAST one week late..the stress does not help you body to function the way it should so try to stay calm! but you should definately go on the PILL!!!


inneedofhelp - August 3

how long before ejaculation does prec_m occur?


To CR - August 4

So I have a question for CR then... if there wasn't a previous ejaculations... like say the last time was days ago and he had gone to the bathroom many times since... does that mean that there arn't any sperm in his prec_m?


CR - August 4

That is true. Ok, so there is a way of getting it all out, I just meant wiping does no good, since they have forgot about what's INSIDE. If there haven't been an ejaculation in a few days, and he has urinated since, there would be absolutely NO c_m in pre-c_m. I am sure of this because pre-c_m comes from the cowper's gland that cleans out the urethra before the big bang. It does not produce s____n.


Brianna - August 8

i had my boyfriend's unprotected p___s inside of me for the first time and we just humped for a cpl of seconds and then he took it out and wasn't even close to was the day after my period just there a big chance i could be pregnant?


real scared - August 8

me an my grl had unpretected s_x twice , an i knew i had pre-c_m, wut is the percentage that she will get pregnant ?


CR - August 12

There is no way to give a percentage. Withdrawal method is 75-96% effective. This means, at most, 1 in 4 women become pregnant this way. Risk of pregnancy is higher if you have just ejaculated, however, peeing before s_x will remove any remaining sperm from your urethra. Please, use condoms next time.


bula - August 12

can you get pregnant from pre-c_m



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