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Nott - June 17

I'm 20 and my husband is 22, We aren't trying to get pregnant but we would be very happy if we became pregnant if that makes any sense haha. My periods are very regular. I have a period tracker on my phone (sounds stupid I know) and it has ALWAYS been right. Every time its said "Hey the red sea is rising today" It has. I have light periods (usually 4 days). My last was May 19-22 and the one before that was April 21-24. my periods are typically 23-25 days apart.So officially (since its so close to midnight) I'm 2 days late. My hubby and I use the pullout method frequently. And I know that we have used it multiple times this month during what I believe was my ovulation peak time. We stop just before he blows and he works it out/we clean up and continue s_xy time. He doesn't pee in between. But around the 1st-3rd of this month he uh.... miscalculated time of arrival haha? So basically some semen came out and now I'm just wondering if I could be pregnant. Also I havent done anything to delay my period, no stress, no new workouts, no change in diet, no anything. I'm also really really tired, and I've been getting overheated and nauseous, and I'm not really feeling hungry, sounds weird but nothing sounds good. It took me an hour to decide what I wanted for lunch and I'm not ever that picky. These arent my normal period symptoms at all. I haven't been cramping, no spotting, and I've gotten at least 800000000000 headaches (or at least it feels like that many....) headaches in the past few days. Like I said we are prepared for whatever comes our way but I am nervous because a good friend of mine found out she miscarried a couple days ago and I do occasionally smoke so i'd like to quit if I'm preggers. Oh! I forgot to mention the test. Sorry guys I'm a total mess! I took at test yesterday and it said negative, but my mom had a light period with me for 2 months and she kept getting negative results too! I have an adrenalin gland issue so I'm not sure if that would affect the test results or my production of certain hormones but it doesn't affect my feelings like the way I've been feeling.


Grandpa Viv - June 18

Nott, you had good exposure right around ovulation day and now you have several early signs including a late period. How about lotion discharge, more peeing, weird smells etc. That pregnancy hormone is supposed double every few days, so I suggest taking another test this weekend using first morning pee. GL!



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