Pregnancy Without Intercourse

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gale - August 26

is it possible at all to get pregnant after being with a guy whos hard but not when he comes and if he doesnt enter you


gale - August 26

i know it sounds stupid but ive heard that sperm is released even if the guy doesnt c_m


amy - August 26

It doesn't sound stupid at all. Even if a gut doesn't c_m he will have pre-ejaculation (pre-c_m) these are just little bits that come out during s_x, and yes it is possible to get pregnant from this (although obviously not as high a risk than if he c_ms inside you). If you are not on the pill, always use a condom otherwise you risk getting pregnant.


Josh - September 18

It's true that you can become pregnant after surface smear of ejaculation fluids. A condom would help, but even then they're not 100% protection since many condoms break (as much as 25% according to a cross section of scientific studies). Although it might be an act of God for the right conditions to occur for the sperm to reach an egg just as you're ovulating, stranger things have happened. Remember that the only fool proof method of not getting pregnant is not having s_x at all. Further, by the most stringent definition of s_x, it can be defined as genitals touching...penetration is not a must! Keep those things in mind, since they're the kinds of things others wouldn't necessarily tell you because it goes against the grain of their justifying consciences. All the best...


s - September 19

If a guy c_ms on your body, but it does not come within centimeters of your v____a, you will not become pregnant. The sperm will die instantaneously once it exits his body and comes in contact with oxygen.


brucen - September 19

Sperm does NOT die immediately upon contact with oxygen. Sperm is surrounded by s____n. Semen itself is a liquid made of various fluids, including sperm, which protects the sperm. However long it takes for all of this fluid to dry once it comes into contact with air is how long sperm will live.


Viv - September 19

Gale: please go to the drug store and buy spermicidal foam or inserts that go in your v____a before you start fooling around. It will give you some kind of protection from little accidents and some level of getting carried away. Keep using foam even when you upgrade to full intercourse with condom. The two together are very effective.


fredtam - September 26

Just let him put it in your pooper


apac - September 26

that's what I do fred. Are you single?


fredtam - September 26

why yes I am, just broke up with the boyfriend, caught him making out with fausto



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