Pregnant I M A Virgin

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Anonymouse - January 21

Alright, I have never had s_x. I just need to get that straight. I've never even tried to have s_x. However, I just started my period in October of last year (I'm only twelve), and I haven't had it since. Am I pregnant? I've never been in any contact with sperm, but I'm still concerned.


Anonymouse Again - January 21

Also, I've researched missing a period at the beginning of the cycle, and a women's health site said that it is indeed possible to miss your period because your horomones are adjusting and everything, so it is very possible to miss it.


redeem - January 22

if you've never come close to having s_x. If you haven't gotten any of your boyfriend's "wetness" on your v____a, then you're ok. It's probably just stress and your hormones balancing out. If you don't get any more periods, talk to your doctor and see if you're ok.


ca__sie - January 22

no honey, you just aren't regular


lilmama - January 23

When you first start your period you should expect it to be very irregular, so you have nothing to worry about, as long as you dont start having s_x


KoKo - January 24

No your not can only get pregnant with intercourse (having s_x)


aww - January 27

no sweety your not preganant, i usto think the same thing while growing up because i would miss my period for 4 months at a time, but its not because your pregnant it is because your body is getting usto the new hormones


Amber - January 27

I really don't think you are pregnant, if you haven't had contact from any fluids. I had a slight period when I was 14 and didn't have another one until I was almost 16.


AMT - January 28

Nope! No need to be concerned. It happened to me too. There are a LOT of girls out there that have irregular periods, and I am one of them. I had a period maybe 2-4 times a year for a long time. Enjoy the irregularity of it while you're young!


diamond - February 8

No ma your not pregnant usually its a hormonal change


someone... - February 11

okie me and this guyy have been friends for a while and we were folling around at his house like dry s_x and stuff when we took our pants of and i had my uunderwear off but he still ahd boxers but it was like we were having intercourse onlyhe had on boxers ....then we took off our underwear and were rubbing against eacjhohter and his p___s may have maybe attmepted to go into my v____a before i pulled away i have been feeling bloated and peeing lately and i have missed my period although it is not regular am i pregnant please help me ..... im 15 by the way!!~


brittany - April 21

hi i'm very worried i'm 14 yrs old and me and my boyfriend has been going together for a year in the half and i just had s_x with him april 4,2005 and we were protected. but it's almost the end of the month i haven't had my period am i pregnant i'm scared!!!!!!!!!


Serenity - April 24

No, you are NOT pregnant. It is perfectly normal for you to skip a couple months when you first start your period. I was not one of them, but a lot of girls do skip a few months.


Serenity - April 24

No, you aren't pregnant. It is perfectly normal for girls to skip a couple months when they first start their periods. I wasn't one of them. But I have a lot of friends who were.


Lindsey - August 13

Ive never had innercourse but i still think that im pregnant because im 15 and got fingered and bleed


Shy Gurl - August 16

You can't get pregnant if you dont have s_x in order to get pregnant you have to have s_x with a guy if you didn't then why are you tripping?????Your period is just not regular go see a doctor or something.



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