Pregnant After The Pill How Long

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Sally - February 1

I have stopped taking my pill cause I am trying to get pregnant. I only stopped taking it on the 8th Jan when I had my period I then had s_x on the days of ovulation. Obviously I can't take a preg test until after my next period is due (5th Feb). How likely do you think it is that I am pregnant?? Or will it take some time after stopping the pill??


Ca__s - February 1

You can get pregnant right away. I know a friend that got pregant after the first month. I am trying the same thing. I am stopping end of this month and hope to get pregnant soon.


Sally - February 2

Does anyone else have an opinion on this?? It's just that I have heard people saying that on average (and although it is possible sooner) you generally have wait at least 3 months before you manage to get pregnant. I hope this isn't true!?!


adge - February 19

I got pregnant after one cycle and I was on the pill for seven years


To Sally - February 20

Every body is different. Some get pregnant right away, others wait up to a year or more. Depends on pill strength too- I was on the lowest dose and with both pregnancies, got pregnant in my first cycle after going off. My Mom, on the other hand, back when pills were a lot stronger waiting one year for my brother and 6 months for me.


Erin - February 21

I did get pregnant right away! I was on the pill for 12 years,and the first week i was off I got pregnant. Most people say it can take up to 6 months! I was very suprized!


angie - May 19

I've been off the pill since Apr. 3 and still no period. We've been trying to get pregnant, but I've had 2 negative tests. How long after stopping the pill do you get your first cycle? I don't know if I should take another HPT, the last one I took was May 11??


C - May 20

I was late taking a new pack of my pill by a few days, and I am now 4mths pregnant! Some people are just really fertile and others it takes awhile.


chantyl - June 17

i went off the pill 2 months ago on april 15 2005 and got my monthy 2 but i did not get my monthy 28 days later and i just get cramps now ???


ang - June 20

I hear that you are supposed to wait a couple of months before trying. I stoped taking mine last August by the middle of October I was pregnant. It all depends on your body I guess



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