Pregnant And Scared Please Help

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justfoundout - March 10

please help me make my decison!!! and dont bash me for this but (its kinda long but thanks for reading) i have been dating this great guy for about 2 years we are planning to get married in a couple of years when money is better and "wayne" finishes college. I just recently 8 mos ago lost my job and wayne and his dad said i could move in with has been going great until recently when i found out i am is my problem,,,,,,,,,about 6 months ago wayne was getting ready for work and well we had a real quickie before he left......i stayed in bed and napped for a few mins or so and got up to get cleaned up ....i thought waynes dad was gone to work also and i was naked walking to the bathroom down the hall when waynes dad came out of his bedroom and there i was with nothing to cover up with........i was so embarrassed and in shock and he just kept looking at me ....i couldnt run or do anything but stand there .....then i noticed he was rock hard .....when he seen that i had noticed he was embarrassed ....and said he was sorry but he called into work that morning and had over heard our quickie and had gotten aroused and he was ashamed of it (see his wife died 2 1/2 yrs ago and he hasnt dated since he is depressed so about it and when he heard us is just sparked something in him) well i told him it was OK and i was sorry we had been so loud because i thought he was at work....well he told me how beatiful i looked standing there in front of him and how lucky his son was to be able to enjoy my body .....and i was so turned on and he was too still....and next thing i know is i was in bed with waynes dad makeing sweet love to him for hours that day.....please dont bash me i know deep down this was wrong but damn this man is so good in bed.....i mean wayne is good to but his dad is wonderful and can go for hours and hours and never loose it...wayne can go for about 20 min and c_ms and it is OVER for at least 6 hrs he cant even get hard again......well we have been keeping this from wayne and his dad calls in ALOT from work and we spend the entire day in bed ......he had done things to me i nerver though possible!!!!!! well as you probably guessed i was late and took a test and it is positive and i am not sure what i should do.....should we tell wayne about our affair???? or should we keep it a secret and let wayne raise the baby thinkin its his ???and no i dont know if it is waynes or his dads.......i know yall think i am a s___t and deserve to be stuck like this but really i am not ....i just got caught up in the moment (s) and was swept away and i will not abort this baby no matter who is the father it didnt ask to be caught up in this sticky mess.....please give me advice dont bash me thanks so much ashley d


sweeti - March 17

well girl u are in some kinda boiling trouble heheh what in jesus name were u thinking having s_x with ur bf,s dad heheh i cant stop laughing when u get ur self in a place like this dont u think that u should get ur own self out i mean none of us here on the site was in bed with u when u were doing ur thing thing heheh lol but it will be worse if u let ur man think that it is his child so do it before he has to hear it from someone else it will hurt him deep down inside if u dont hope this helped u a bit if u need more help just ask good luck


closer - March 21



bvue - March 21

You ARE a s___t. Anyone sleeping around, especially with son and father is a s___t. You said it was a mistake, why continue with the affair? This is a sick story.


SaraH - March 22

You need to tell wayne. It is completly unfair not to and to expect him to be the "father" when it's possible it's not even his kid. Tell him --If you don't how will it go over if some how your kid and wayne find out 20 yr's from now that the kid's "grandpa" is actually it's father? Tell him -that's the right thing to do-- and get a paternity test done as soon as the kid is born.


josie4 - March 24

What a mess! Don't blame this on being swept up in the moment. You made the choice to have s_x with your boyfriend's father. It's simple, you've got to tell your boyfriend. You've really screwed things up and Wayne's got to know. (And if I were him, I would never trust you again.)


melanie4110 - March 25

if u ask my opinion...which i am gunna give no matter what cuz i can...i think there is somthing absolutly wrong with you. i swear to god i dont get people sometimes, they are just so gross. Not even to mention ur cheating on your bf. You are very low cla__s if you ask me and you shouldn't be coming on here for really should be on the jerry springer show if you ask me. Your life is sad and pathetic and i feel bad for the kid ur going to have.


jstar - March 27

Uhhh. You just made my day a whole lot better. I thought I was in a slump just cuz the sun wasn't out. Well, you need to tell Wayne. There is a big difference between having his son and his brother.... This is your creation, now own up to it. You can't keep lieing to cover yourself up. The sooner the better.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 29

You should tell Wayne and if it wasn't for you being pregnant I would tell him TO LEAVE YOUR ASS...oh yeah and anyone stupid enough to sleep around with son and father deserves to be bashed. But I wouldn't walk around naked in a house unless it was MINE AND MY HUSBANDS HOUSE...not to mention I would have ran back...but no you stood there like a dumba__s and let him stare at you...then you are sick enough to sleep with him for a while after that. I feel bad for the baby because you are a will you tell your baby when he/she gets older that if waynes dad is the father that you slept with his step brother...or if wayne is that you slept with his grandpa...this is sad and the fact that you don't know what to do is made your bed...well two of them haha own up to it and stop punishing wayne for you being a complete and total trashy whore.


lilmomma2b - March 31

For one, I have to say you were not caught up in the moment if good ole dad keeps taking the day off work so you and he can have s_x again and again. Thats too many moments to get caught in! BUT I'm glad your going to have the baby, and your right its not the baby's fault its caught in this bs circle of lies. And you need to realize, Wayne is innocent here too! Enough has been done to him by you and his dad, dont let him go on thinking a baby is his then someday have to have a paternity test done and him find out the baby he's fallen in love with isnt his. I think he has the right to know, consider his feelings and tell him. And dont tell Wayne before you let his dad in on the fact that you will be telling, this could get real ugly. More than likely this will destroy the relationship between Wayne and his dad but maybe in time they'll both see "blood is thicker than water" Do what is right and tell him.


first-time-mom - April 23

I am sorry this is going on in your life pregnancy is stressful enough i would talk to his dad and see what he says let him know and the both of you tell him because it wasnt just you it was him two be willing to give him time dint push him to make any decision because it may not be the right ine you wont know till it is born i would also ask yourself who you really want to be with in your hart is his dad just s_x or does he make you feel better dont stay with you bf because you dont want to look bad because you are only going to hurt yourself and your new baby but if you do want to try to make it work and he is willing i woul toatle comite to him and find your own place. good luck and i hope everything works out



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