Pregnant And Sex Toys

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Anna Cyc - February 28

I'm in my 10th week of pregnancy and wanted to know if it's safe to use s_x toys during intercourse since I'm pregnant?


TXkat - May 2

good question, i am wondering the same thing. where are the answers posted?


..... - May 3

I used a vibrator all the time during my first pregnancy, and everything was fine. I tried a___l beads and that didn't feel that great during pregnancy. I've seen articles about this online, can't remember exactly where. I think it was on


Jenna - May 16

It is safe to use vibrators through pregnancy, but I have been told that you should not use a vibrator inside the v____a come the 3rd trimester...only for c___toral stimulation. Also a___l is not recommended because you are more prone to swelling and could cause damage, if you do decide on a___l, use lots of lubricant and stop if uncomfortable. Hope that helps somewhat??


Lily - May 19

It is safe to use toys. However remember that you need to take care those toys as well. Always wash with the proper cleaners (that you can buy specifically for s_x toys) after each use. And never "share" toys with someone else. It's not recommended to penetrate the v____a with a vibrator during pregnancy but just use it for c___toral stimulation. I'm not sure about d____os however I would expect the same or not to use at all because of the likely hood of v____al infections. Good Luck and have fun!


Brent - May 22

Unless you are used to being mated by a horse there shouldn't be a problem. It's your body; you can feel what is uncomfortable or what hurts and it will hurt you long before it will hurt the baby. Vaginal penetration with fingers, p___s, or vibrator is fine as long as you don't have a history of third trimester miscarriage or placental previa. The only exception I know of to this is if you have twins then v____al s_x is not reccomended in the last trimester. There are cases where women have to lie down for almost the entire third trimester to prevent miscarriage and for these women s_x is not a good idea but for most normal pregnancies v____al s_x is not a problem.



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