Pregnant By Boyfriends Dad HELP

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Lolly - February 2

Help I dont know what to do. One night while my boyfriend was working away, I went round to his parents house to pick up a few of my things which I'd left there. His mum was out for the evening with some friends but his dad was there. He invited me in and offered me a drink. He said he was feeling lonely and would I stay to keep him company. Anyway to cut a long story short we had a few too many drinks and ended up sleeping together!! Now I have just found out that I am pregnant! I know that it can not be my boyfriends because of the timing - it's his Dad's!!!!!! I dont know what to do. Should I let my boyfriend beleive that the child is his or should I own up to all???


w - February 2

You have got to be kidding me??? Are honest on this, or just playin


Lolly - February 2

I know it sounds a little far fetched, and I know it was a terrible thing for me to do (and him), but yes this is the truth. I can barely beleive that I have got myself into the position either, but it's happened now, and I'm just in such a state about it! I do want to add though that his dad isn't like an old old man or anything, he is really trendy and quite attrative too - so it's not like I have rumped some old fella!


w - February 2

How old are you?


angie - February 2

i think both ur boyfriend and his dad has the right to know the truth either way the baby will be loved by both of them any way


Lolly - February 3

I'm 19 and his dad is 41.


1235 - February 3

i think you should tell your boyfriend what went down that night, but there is always that possibility of ruening their father son relationship ya know? But they both need to know


Lolly - February 3

I feel even worse about it now. I have just confided in a friend (well so-called friend anyway) and she has called me all the hoes under the sun. She reckons I'm a complete s___t for sleeping with his dad, and that I dont deserve to have a boyfriend!! She was so harsh. I know what I did wasn't right, but it's not like I was having an affair with him, it was only one night and anyway I would never go there again, I get no really well with my bf mum so it's not like I'd do that to her either.


Lolly - February 3

I think I might just have to have an abortion and not tell my bf or his dad that I was ever pregnant, do you think that sounds like the best thing to do?


Situation - February 3

Well- I don't agree with abortion- it isn't the baby's fault which way the parents decided to bring him/her into this world. My opinion is that you need to let the truth out to all concerned. The Dad has a right to know he has fathered another child. Your boyfriend has the right not to be deceived that it is his. From there, he can choose what he wants to do with his life. This is a choice you made and I believe now you must take the responsibility for it and love that baby regardless.


Lolly - February 4

Dakota - why would I want to email you back at your address when you are calling me a s___t. I am NOT a s___t. It was a mistake, I got drunk and one thing lead to another, it wasn't planned. And anyway, it was him that came onto me!


Dr.M - February 9

hey lolly listen to me i am a councelor who deals with rape victims and in this case it was rape, what you need to do is sit all 4 of you down (yes his wife too) and descuss this if you had drank enough that you could not control yourself then this was rape if not. And you did just slip up then you need to own up to this all 4 of you need to deside what is right for you all. and btw.... Dakota dont give out other peoples email addresses to get back at them and dont be so rude to people this is a serious thing and for you to call her a s___t only proves one thing you are still a child and need to watch what you say. Prove a better person and keep it to yourself okay.


to dr. m - February 13

That is rape? How? They were both drinking and made the choice or mistake to have s_x. I hardly call that rape. Lolly, you need to let them know what happened and decide whats best. I wish you the best sweety and be smart about future choices. Also, your friend you confided in doesn' tsound like a true friend. A friend should stick by you through thick and thin!


Me - February 13

I knew a girl who once considered abortion.Then she decided to let her baby live.She started searching for adoptive parents. Someone introduced her to us. She chose to let us adopt the baby out of two other couples. There are a lot of people waiting to adopt. Abortion deprives a lot of people the right to the happiness of having a child as well as depriving the child the right to life. Only 4% of all unwanted babies get adopted. The other 96% are aborted. I am so thankful she chose life. This little boy I have is so beautiful and I enjoy him so much. I would not trade his life for anything in the world.


L - February 14

Hi Lolly, I feel horrible for you and I wish I was a friend that could be there for you to listen and hug you! This is a very messy situation, and you have your reputation to think about and the rest of your life! I would suggest an abortion if your ok with that kind of decision! I would also cut off all ties with your boyfriend and his family! It could get very nasty if you accused his father, would his mother believe you or could the situation be turned around to make you look even worse! ugggh!! This is a hard one! I just would like to see you learn from this mistake and move on! I had an abortion at the age of 19 only for purposes of college and a non-supportive boyfriend who I knew I wouldn't want contact with the rest of my life, this child will bind you to your bf and his family for the rest of your life, are you ready for that?? And for those telling you abortion is murder, it's all opinions!! I have several friends who have gotten an abortion, but when it gets out of control you need to live up to your mistakes, but with a mistake like this, I would hate to see what your parents, neighbors, other friends would say about you. I would highly suggest an abortion, this child would be brought into a very negative situation, and you have a whole life ahead of you!


becca - February 15

WHOA!! crazy story, well if you aren't going to tell your boyfreind hope to GOD that the genes will look liek your bf...... owning up would proably mess up the whole relationship and make everythign REALLLY weird. thats somehtign to think about -- al the pros and cons and stuf -- but hey if you need someone to tlak to emial me -- even if it sjust to ven t--- [email protected]


to lolly - July 1

You should have had a little more control than that. Your an adult and he's an adult. You should have had more CONTROL!!!! Now look at all the lives you have ruined. His, yours, your "B/F", your B/F mom, and your baby. You should be ashamed. You might consider having an abortion. If not, you need to tell the babies daddy what's going on and both of you need to come up with something. You should be ashamed for sleeping with a married man, let alone your boyfriends DAD!!!



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