Pregnant Daughter Need Answers ASAP

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Iris - November 29

My daughter is 14 and she told me she was pregnant. She said she was afraid of losing her boyfriend so one time after s_x she immediately took the sperm he put on her stomach using a suction tube and then inserted the sperm inside of her. She says that is how she got pregnant. Is that possible.????


Jen - November 29

totaly...Iris.. good luck.


Iris - November 29

Thank you Jen for the reply. Why would she do such a thing. He still left her he's 16 and she is only 14.


.. - November 29

Unfortunately, that is very true and common. I work with troubled teens and this is something I see all the time... Usually it is because they aren't feeling loved at home, aren't feeling secure, and want to take some control over the situation.. and what better way then to become a mother.. it is sad, because grandparents usually end up taking care of the babies, or the babies turn into troubled teens.


Iris - November 29

I am also shocked at the fact that a person can get pregnant if they take the sperm and insert it in them I didn't believe her at first , because I thought once the sperm hits the air it is dead. When she told me what she did she did I was b__wn away. She said that was the only way she could keep him. Now he left her and she doesn't want the baby


... - November 29

Semen can live for up to 30 minutes in open air. If she is physically capable, I would strongly encourage you to pursue an adoption. There are many loving families (myself included) that have suffered through infertility and would love the chance to adopt an infant. If she is not physically capable, then unfortunately an abortion may be in order, if she is very early on in her pregnancy. Either way I'd suggest seriously considering counceling for your disturbed child. Luck to you


Jenny - November 30

I dont think she is disturbed at all, !!!shes 14 I remember being 14 once , you are her mom help her make a smart discision, id go for the abortion myself she is still so young. had one when i was 17, a little older and a bit of regret, but i am working on my 4th, 14 is a hard age, they want to be adults in adult st_tuation, and love s_x at that young age,, discouvering new feelings, I remember.. support her dont alieanat her, just be with her, get the abortion and put her on bc, make sure she uses a condoms as well.. my daughter is 16 on friday, hasnt experienced s_x yet , but we talk openly about the affects of bc. condoms. stds.. this other lady must have felt like this when she was 14 notice her name is right out there ,:) other wise her she wouldnt talk like that.. .. good luck .. do the right thing for your daughter, whos still a baby herself.. :)


!!! - November 30

No one should come on here and tell someone what to do with an unborn baby. Why does everyone automatically think of killing an unborn baby when things like this happen?? The baby didn't choose, or have the opportunity to choose who it's parents were. So you shouldn't have the opportunity to choose to kill a baby. What's wrong with making the girl face her consequences of having s_x and trying to trick someone into being with her? Even if she gives the baby up for adoption, she will grow up somewhat from having to go through pregnancy & labor. She will learn something from this that she needs to learn. Just getting rid of the "problem" doesn't change what she is going through. And it will not help her in any way emotionally. Just because someone makes a bad decision, and has an outcome from it, doesn't mean they should automatically make another bad decision. I've seen people die, and almost die from having abortions!


jenny - November 30

well the thing is there is an option out there and its not telling people what to do, its being supportive. so whatever you have your opinon I have mine. It up to her and her mother.


Iris - November 30

It's ok, I know everyone has there own opinion and if I thought I would get offended by it I would not have come on here looking for other peoples opinions. I had my first child ( my daughter) at 15 my mother helped me . I was a troubled teen too and I grew up in a good home but I got envolved with s_x at a young age when in reality s_x should not have been on my mind. I am glad that I did get pregnant young because it made me the person I am today. I am currently just now graduating with a criminal justice degree and in 3 years I will graduate with a doctorate for forensic pathology/ medical examiner. I still believe to this day that if i was not for having a child at a young age I would not have made it as far as I did. I am just scared and hurt that now my little girl has followed in my foot steps. When I was 15 no one I knew tried to get there selves pregnant. Let alone taking the sperm and injecting it into themselves. I never knew that could be done. So my mind was b__wn with the news of her being pregnant and how she claimed she got pregnant. It is scary that people and teens will go to such lenghts as that.


Jenny - November 30

Iris, good luck with your daughter. My gf has a 14 yr old daughter, i cant imagine her having a baby although she is experamenting with boys, she told her mother she really likes the feeling s_x gives her. as we all know. i am glad you turned out as you did. i am just sad that a baby brings a baby in the world without haveing a chance to experience her own life first. good luck to both of you. I had my first 3 at 20, glad i did but when i turned 30 i really felt i missed out in life. ending up growing up with my 3 beautiful babies.. I am sure u are going to be a great YOUNG gramma if that the way you choose to go..if it was my daughter i would support her decision either way. thank god she hasnt done that yet , that all i know...:) she hasnt followed in my footsteps she has learned by my mistakes...


... - November 30

to Jenny: a 14 year old shouldn't be having s_x. I work with troubled teens every day, and I see this all the time.. this concerned mother can either take my experience and advice or not, that is her choice, but it doesn't change the statistics. a 14 year old child inseminating herself to keep a boyfriend is screaming out for help. So get her some HELP! What is wrong with that? and FYI, this is an anonymous board.. I could call myself anything. I choose ... because that is convenient for me. What difference would it make if I called mylself ... or, say, Jenny? And when I was 14, I thought holding hands with a boy was a big deal.. as did my other peers. I guess I grew up in a more morally concious area. S_x didn't even begin to enter our social circle until our late 17's.. and even then, it wasn't the norm. I am very proud of my upbringing.. it has made me a self sufficient, independent, and strong woman. I will be raising my daughter the same way.


jenny - November 30

to (... )i never said i agreed with my gf 's daughter choice, I accept it, My daughter is 16 and is not thinking that way yet. Some girls mature earlier she obviously had her period at a young age to be able to get pregnant, my daughter has just got hers.. everyone is different. doesnt mean she is disturbed though. but Iris never said anything so who am I to defend her. I have no problem saying who i am ,, no reason to hide,. good for you to work with girls that age. some listen some dont. sounds like Iris is pretty young too, whatever she said her peace , i said mine, you said yours. let it go counciler..;)



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