Pregnant From 1 Second Penetration

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nervous - February 1

i was fooling around with my bf tonight and he put his p__s inside me for literally a second then took it out immediately, could i get pregnant from this? i had my period on january 15th and my cycle is usually 33-35 days long...please help...should i be nervous?


nan - February 1

If he did not ejaculate inside you,, you should be ok. As long as no sperm has come in contact with you.


Anne - February 1

He does not have to ejaculate inside you. Sperm is present in pre-ejaculate. The number of sperm is lower, therefore there is less of a chance that you will become pregnant from that, but it is still possible. The only thing you can do is wait. If your period is late this month, take a home pregnancy test. I wish you the best of luck, but in the future, if this worries you, TAKE CHARGE of things. It's YOUR life. He doesn't have to deal with consequences like you do. Tell him no more contact without a condom,


nervous - February 1

do you think i should take the morning after pill?


Anne - February 2

To Angie: I'm not sure if your post was directed to me or to "Nervous." With two doctors in my immediate family and a husband who teaches microbiology to med students, it's safe to a__sume that I am not ignorant on this matter. You should not spread dangerous misinformation to young women such as "Nervous." Sperm is present in pre-ejaculate. YOU CAN GET PREGNANT WITHOUT EJACULATION.


Anne - February 2

To Nervous: Call Planned Parenthood ( or your doctor or clinic) today. I'm not sure what the time limit is for the morning after pill. I hope everythings works out for you.


nervous - February 2

i've read from many reputable sources that prec_m does not have any sperm in it unless he had ejaculated beforehand without urinating, since the gland that the pre c_m comes from does not contain sperm. Is this definitely true?


Anne - February 3

Here is the study that others are referring to: : Contracept Technol Update. 1993 Oct;14(10):154-6. Related Articles, Links Researchers find no sperm in pre-ejaculate fluid. [No authors listed] PIP: A study in Boston, Ma__sachusetts, and another study in New York City examined samples of pre ejaculate fluid from HIV seropositive and HIV seronegative men to determine whether HIV was or was not present in pre ejaculate fluid. The researchers found macrophages and CD4 lymphocytes in most samples, indicating that HIV was present. The more significant finding, however, was that most pre ejaculate samples did not contain any sperm and those that did had only small clumps of a very small amount of sperm which seemed to be immobile. A larger study is needed to verify these results. If these results are confirmed, they may dispel the myth that pre ejaculate fluid contains sperm. An ongoing WHO/USAID study shows that the pregnancy rate caused by men with 3 million sperm/ml/ejaculation is very low; fertility clinics consider men with a sperm count of no more than 5 million/ml to be infertile, particularly if is there is low motility. The average ejaculation has about 100 million sperm/ml, but about 10 million sperm pa__s through the cervical mucus, about 1 million make it to the top of the uterine tract, and just about 100,000 sperm reach the fallopian tubes. Thus, only a couple of sperm, a__suming motility, would reach the fallopian tubes in the case of the pre ejaculate samples with some sperm, which tended to be immobile (sperm levels only in the 1000s). Thus, the probability of pregnancy is very low if pre-ejaculate fluid enters the v____a. Pre-ejaculate fluid of 6 of the 9 HIV seropositive donors in Boston and 6 of the 14 HIV seropositive donors in New York contained HIV, regardless of symptom status or antiretroviral therapy status. Thus, the risk of HIV transmission may be higher than unplanned pregnancy, so people should use condoms before the p___s enters the v____a, mouth, or a__s. PMID: 12286905 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] -End of Quote- From that I would conclude that the chance of pregnancy is very slim, but is still present. Keep in mind that this study is dated 1993. It says that further studies need to be done to confirm these results. I wasn't able to find any additional studies in the NIH library or in PubMed. In addition, HIV (and other diseases) may be transmitted through pre ejaculate. A condom is very necessary until both partners have had blood tests proving that they are not HIV positive or have Hepat_tis. Personally, I would remain sceptical until those other studies are shown to corroborate the findings of this study.


nervous - February 3

thank you so much for your responses, anne. i feel like you've been sort of like a guardian angel through this. Hopefully i'll get my period in a week and 1/2 and this whole thing will be just good, but scary lesson.


x - February 16

can i be pregnant if some sperm remained on my underware?


L - February 16

Yea, who's this Angie chick? She's the ignorant one, I got pregnant from pre-c_m! Maybe you need to try reading a simple s_x ed book, IDIOT!


nervous - February 16

what exactly happened when you got pregnant from pre c_m, L? Did he withdraw right b4 he came was it a 1 sec thing, or did ejaculate sometime b4 s_x without urinating? i've heard so many different theories, i would like to know the truth from someone who has actually gotten pregnant from pre c_m.


Jenny - March 7

Yes you most certainly can. I was very stupid and did the same thing and I got pregnant. I never thought that would happen to me.


Lindsay - March 8

Hey "Angie"? Leave the girl alone. She asked an honest question and desearved an honest, unbias answer. And plus, you're wrong. You CAN get pregnant without him c_mming inside you. Pre-c_m can have sperm in it, too. Don't post an answer if you can't be respectful, or right.


jo - March 10

i got pregnant like that too and I didn´t think you could. The chances are slim but it´s definately posssible.


nadia - September 6

i've had cramps missed my period but later on had spotting headaches but not real serious ones and nausea .i kinda knew there was a possibility but are these the usuall signs of pregnancy?



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