Pregnant From Fingering

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Dr. Pettid - May 27

Yes u can get pregnant if you were fingered shes not that stupid! The same crisis happened to a friend of mine SPERM LASTS UP TO 48 HOURS you could be pregnant if his sperm in anyway came in contact. How do you think artificial insimination is possible?


Angela - May 28

What are the chances of a woman getting pregnant when they only had s_x a hot five minutes or didn't have s_x at all but their private parts were bear against eachother?


ellie - May 30

i am in the exact same situation and i am completely paranoid about it!!! my period is very very irregular too so im not going to be able to find out if have actually missed a period as easily cuz i dont know when its meant to start in the first place! i guess im going to have to wait a few weeks and then just get a pregnancy test just to be completely sure.. im just going to try and forget for the time being!


to anon - May 30

no sweetie you can not get pregnant


caroline - June 4

i am in the exact same postion now, he fingerd me then he went the toilet and did it again, then i tossed him off right at the end, but what if he c_mmed wen he went the toilet?then fingerd me with c_m on help!!?


anonymous regrets - June 13

my period is usually 27 days cycle. I was on my 15ths day since the first day of my last period. My boyfriend pre-ejaculated on his boxers. He touched the damp spot, then waited for 30 seconds before he fingered me. The last time he ejaculated was 2 days before that happened so he had peed alot after. Could i still get pregnant from that?


read this - June 13

You people are all stupid!! No you cannot get pregnant and "Dr." why don't you read your medical books and find out how artificial ins____nation actually works-it's quite different than sticking your finger up there!


kas - June 15

i had a 2.5 day period starting on 19th may and i was mucking around on 24th with his p___s near my v____a and on 28th i had s_x with a condom on. i have been experiencing nausea and b___st tenderness for the past few days. do you think i can be pregnent? i usually have irregular periods. was the bleeding on the 19th not actually a period? please help someone


to kas - June 15

Frist thing you need to think about is did the condom break. If it did then you just might be pregnant. So in that case wait until the 19th of this month to see if your period dose come. If not come on take a test. Good luck!!!


unlike - June 22

i am in the same thing. i gave my bf a hand job but i didn't get fingured but do you think it is possible i could be from giving him a hand job. and believe me your not. spotting can be from birth control or stress i am on birth control also...hope this helps


l - June 22

Maybe you all should take a basic s_x ed course before doing stupid things that make you worry later!


to anon - June 22

unless ur boyriend has a penius for a finger you cannot get pregnant!!!LOL


s - January 4

omg i'm just stressed over the same thing i'm a virgin "officially" never had actualy s_x but i gave him a hand and he was dry and he sort of fingered me--not deep and i'm stressing horribly over whether or not i'm pregnant... i feel my b___sts being tender i will but a pregnancy test tmr..but i'm so d__n worried so id it actually possible to get pregnant from a finger?


DUMBASS!! - January 5

If there was no intercourse you don't need to worry about it. No bodyfluids touched and therefore conception was not possible. You need to worry more about if you B/F has a nasty STD that worrying about being pregnant. Yeah, having a baby is a big thing but living with some nasty viral infection FOREVER is too.


bbb - January 5

he DOES not have a stf for sure all i'm worried about is basically what everyone else is saying here.. "body fluid on the finger'? well lets hope not


Blicky - January 10

Ok my friend was with her friend,and she gave hima hand job, he got c_m on his hand, and then he fingered her with c_m on his hand, and now her period is 2.5 weeks late..shes worried shes pregnant..could she be?



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