Pregnant From Fingering

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Blicky - January 10

Ok my friend was with her friend,and she gave hima hand job, he got c_m on his hand, and then he fingered her with c_m on his hand, and now her period is 2.5 weeks late..shes worried shes pregnant..could she be?


Keishia - January 11

no sweetie u can no get pregnant from the spotting is probably because of stress


Blicky - January 11

Spotting,huh? i dont think i talked about that:S


to Blicky - January 12

keishia was answering the original question not urs! :)


Blicky - January 12

Ohhh ok.....could someone answeer mine,\?? my friends flipping out!


ryan - January 14

ok people c_m , no matter if it is on a finger ,p___s ,or for that matter on a turkey baster ,if it comes in contact with the v____a or surrounding area it can get to the egg and cause a pregnancy if shes 2.5 weeks late ,its a good chance


Blicky - January 14

Ya we found out yesterday she's pregnant! Thanks for all your help though guys!


sugar+spice - January 17

are you freaking stupid


liv - January 22

hi guys im really worried about this hole 'getting pregnant from being fingered' i dont think my boyfriend 'came' but y am i still worried, i mean what if he did c_m , but i didnt notice nd it was on his finger , what are the chances? y am i so worried??


liv - January 22

can sumone rea__sure me i hate feelin like this


eek - January 22

from what everyone seems to be saying... you can but its super rare... hopefully they're right. I just keep telling myself that couples try forever to get pregnant, so its hard... but i have big doubts about myself and the situation, too. i dunno i'm scared too GOOD LUCK


cccmmm - February 1

Im freakin boyfriend and me were foolin round and he cam..and hes not sure if it got on his fingers..but like 20 mins later..he forgot to wash his hands..but they were dry and then he fingered me..can i get pregnant? flippin


meg77 - February 2

NO, there is no way to get pregnant that way and I am sorry you don't know this but are having s_x. The sperm dies almost instantly once it's outside of the v____a/p___s. You sound very young, please educate yourself on this topic and always use protection.


Help pleas - February 7

you guys who are worried about your gf.s i think its sweet that you are just stay behind them no matter what! and ok im relli freaked out about the same thing ok i got fingerd and ive had my period since and i got it again too its on time but this time its light and has lasted only 2 days and today its relli light .. i know its weird asking if i could be pregnant after 2 periods but still!! can some 1 give me an awnser ??


misconceptions - February 27

I am having the same issue. What if he had touched or situated himself during the act and had gotten some prec_m on his fingers? And then he continued? If sperm can live outside the body for an hour then I really don't know. I am not on the pill and I'm supposed to have my period now, but I don't. Can someone give me a straight answer?


chick - February 27

umm well ok that same thing happend to me and well all i can say is stop worrieing cuz stress messes your period up so that will freak you out even more if u worrie so dont just chill and ok its unlikely that you will be pregnat like i dont think i am cuz like im on my 3rd period since haha! so its all good for me and so im gunna have to say u arnt pregnat ---> haha its so complicated being a gurl these days lol



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