Pregnant From Fingering

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chick - February 27

umm well ok that same thing happend to me and well all i can say is stop worrieing cuz stress messes your period up so that will freak you out even more if u worrie so dont just chill and ok its unlikely that you will be pregnat like i dont think i am cuz like im on my 3rd period since haha! so its all good for me and so im gunna have to say u arnt pregnat ---> haha its so complicated being a gurl these days lol


confusedd - March 1

Ok, im goin through the exact same thing but he sort of stuck his finger inside after situating himself. i mean, a finger can't go very far, but im still really worried. Mine hasn't come yet and im supposed to get it this week tooo..


sashki - March 5

guys please help, this is basically the same question, i just need to be sure. if u gave ur partner a handjob and then he fingers you, but his hand isnt wet or at least if it was before, he wiped it, and his finger didnt get inside the v____a, can you still get pregnant? im kinda worried


jcel - April 1

its wierd everyone is in this situation. me and my girl were messing around nothing big but she gets off when just messing around on the up part of her v____a. she was giving me a head job and i didn't get off yet and she had to get up to go get a head band and i adjusted myself and after that she came back and i starting fingering her a little, is there anyway she could be pregnent. i even wiped my hands before that. she is worrying to death about it and i told her not to. am i right or wrong about her not being able to get pregnent.


Mike4 - April 11

I was also concerned about fingering and getting paranoid until I read this Q&A


Mike4 - April 11

Sorry, here's the link again


Emma2 - April 13

Sperm OnLY LIVES MINUTES OUTSIDE THE BODY. During your non-fertile time it will live for a few hours maxium in your v____a. I don't know where you all get this info but it's ridiculous!!


sydney - May 1

im 10 days late and im a virgin back on the 7th me and by bf were doing the same jus fooling around and yea i think he might of had maybe some prec_m or something on his fingers when he fingered me but im so scared im 16 and idk wat to do i cat ask my mom or nething buh im feeling so tird all the time and im dizzy sometimes i also had an excess amount of dicharge for the first time and i head that that is a sign pf pregnancy so wat do all of u think?? thx and pls help with nething u might know for me to do


ay - May 1

I have the same concern - i was fooling around with a guy and i gave him a hand job - i dont know how long after though, he fingered me..... I dont know if there was anything on his hands - but i am VERY worried - the next day i got my period. Could i ever get pregnant from this situation? It happened about 1 week and a half ago - and just recently i have been feeling a bit sick to my stomach - but i am also under a lot of stress...... does any body know -FOR SURE- the right answer and can u help me? What should i do? I have looked on the internet for answers and everything says something different.... does anyone know for sure if i could be pregnant?


misconceptions - May 1

I know I posted this question earlier, but I want to share that everything turned out fine. I am not saying that everyone will be so lucky, but it is a definite possibility. While as was pretty much in panic mode, I did a lot of reading. It is very rare for someone to become pregnant because of fingering. It also said that stressing causes your period to be late, so as hard as it is, try to relax and not think about it. But, I finally told one of my closest friends. We made a plan to go get 2 at home pregnancy tests so I could have two responses. If you can't go to your mom or dad, which I couldn't, go to a friend. One that you trust and you know will be understanding. It really helped me alot to know someone was there for me. In the end, I ended up getting my period the day before our plan to get the pt's. So, try not to worry, take a pregnancy test (or 2) and then figure out your next steps.


collint3 - May 17

this is too funny, you guys crack me up with all of your opinions and concerns... maybe you should ask a doctor because from the looks of it no one really knows what they are talking about


cool827 - July 7

i was in the same position. but my gf had her period a week later. am i in the clear?


Rockstar89 - July 8

Heya, my ex did something similar and I didn't get pregnant and I wasn't even on any sort of pill so you should be fine!


Chally - July 11

Ok, I am really worried about this thing my gf gave me a hand job with a condom on just to be safe but then i fingered her and im not sure if i got any sperm on my finger, is there a chance she could get pregnant. All she says is don't worry about it, it'll be fine, and I guess I am the worry type, idk. I am really worried so any help would be much appreciated. thanks


tulipbaroo - July 23

Of course not! You're on bcp, and it was just prec_m. Prec_m isn't concentrated with sperm, well it is if he just came and is going at it again. Even then, it isn't that much. I think you should learn some things before you actually start fooling around, it'll be beneficial.


tera24 - July 28

I think im pregnant from that too but im not on birth control. its possible.



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