Proof Of Adultery

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??? - November 27

For those who have been through this, what signs did you see, or how could you tell your husband was having an affair, or seeing someone, or even thinking about it?


me - November 27

check his cell phone email or messages. if he dont want s_x with you watch out.


Angela - November 27

I'm sorry you have to go through this but this is what happened with me. His wanting to have s_x with you is gone with my ex I would want s_x and he would give it to me but he could not get his p___s hard, phone calls were the person hangs up when you answer, mysteriously getting called into work see my ex was stupid he had her page his work pager but I had a feeling he was up to something so I called his job and they were like we never called him in.I hope your husband is not cheating on you but if he is get rid of the sorry b___d that's what I did. And now i'm happily married and expecting.


dew - November 27

listen to your gut. no one sign is as effective as women's intuition. Trust me, I've been there.


All men think about it ..... - November 28

....but it doesn't mean they would or even dare or want to .............the answer is in what makes you suspicious of him being adulterous and everyones answer will be according to your suspicion .


Philip - November 29

TO: All men think about it NO THEY DON'T!! I have been married for a year and a half, but have been away from my wife more than a year of that beacause I had to come up to the states to work, and we could not get her up here from Mexico. I have not once thought about being unfaithful to her, despite the fact that she has been unfaithful to me with at least 4 other guys. Please do not generalize, not all men are the same, and not all men think about being unfaithfull. To the OP: As a husband in a tough situation, I know that it is rough, and I know that there may be a lot of things that make you suspicious. I can't tell you any specific things, but what I can tell you is to look at his behavior during a time when you know you could trust him, and compare it to now. How has he changed, and what is it that makes you suspicious? You may not ever have any solid proof, but if you can find something that you know he lied about, you can call him on it, and quite often at that point he will admit everything. I can tell you this much: If he truly loves you, there will be an expression of it, and you should look for that. It may be something as small as him taking out the trash without you asking him to, or buying you a pack of your favorite gum at the store. Look for the way that he expresses his love for you, and express your love for him in the same fashion. It may just be that when the two of you are speaking the same 'language', as it were, you can bring up your doubts, and the two of you can work through whatever problem it may be, whether it is infidelity, or just a case of mistrust that went unchecked.


Friend - December 18

Do you trust him to be loyal to you? Have You Had S_x With him Latley? Why don't you just try and Confront him about your fear, follow him the next time he gose out or just trust him. If He loyal to you he wont want to have s_x with another woman.



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