Pulling It Out

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Terrry - July 6

okay wen me n my boyfriend had s_x.. he pulled it out right..but then it was all over my thigh..he said its alright cause the sperm is dead when it touches air or water..could i still be pregnant? even tho i washed my thigh


J - June 3



jackie - June 3

yes, you can get pregnant from pulling out, there is a thig called pre-c_m. But if your pregnant its bc of that not your thigh.


celeste - June 11

Well you would not get pregnant from it being on your thigh.,But it does not just die once it touches air. It has to dry up, then you know its dead. As long as there is moisture, there is a chance for some of the microscopes to survive.


polker - July 6

i wouldn't worry too much about the pre-c_m thing...yes it is possible for it to impregnate you but you have to keep in mind that he didn't go inside you so there is a significantly less amount of sperm there. Plus all pre-c_m is, is the fluid that cleans out his urethra of urine and there is a very small percentage of sperm in it. However, about 25% of all women get pregnant from pulling it out so i would suggest you get on the pill ASAP. Also keep in mind the time of month this happened on...if it was in the middle of your cycle you are more apt to be pregnant so be careful when you do it. Next time you feel nervous about if he pulled out in time or not, try an ECP (emergency contaceptive pill) but do it within the next 72 hours of the incident...they really work well.


Ca__sie - March 27

its possible if it got in u water doesnt kill it but once its dry its dead


bobby - April 19

if i had sperm on my hand and wiped it off with a dry shirt and my hand didnt have any more on it and i fingered a girl would that be ok? i mean i wiped it all off and checked it.


Melissa - April 19

No you wouldn't be pregnant if he pulled it out and he's right sperm does die when it touches air. When my husband and I were first dating he did the pull out and I never did get pregnant.



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