Question My Ring Fell Out

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mandababy27 - February 1

I had just gotten done with my period and reinserted my ring on a sunday.... Around Tuesday or Wed. my ring fell out and i didnt notice until the next monday.. My boyfriend and I do not use condoms or withdrawl because I'm on birth control... Could I be pregnant? My period was the week of December 30th.. i reinserted my ring on the 7th of january .. is fell out the 9th or 10th... and i went to the doctor and switched to the pill and started it the 21st.... I did bleed again right after ther ring fell out.. im so confused.... im back on birth control.. but i've been exhuasted even tho ive been sleeping alot, heavey discharge (sorry to be graphic) my nipples hurt, and i'm getting headaches which i've never had before. is this the switch in the BC or could i be prego?


mandababy27 - February 1

can't anyone answer this for me... do u think its too soon for me to take a test cause i started a new pack of birth control?


Melissa30 - February 2

Sorry I can't answer your question for you but you may can answer one for me. I am considering the nuvaring for BC after I deliver my baby, and I was wondering if you could tell me about it? How effective is it supposed to be, How does it work (what I mean by that is do you insert it against your cervix and can you feel it), Do you wear the same one for a month or do you change every week? Basically could you just tell me everything you know about it? I'm looking into all my options. As far as the testing goes, I would recommend you test before starting BC because from the symptoms you are describing you could be. Did you get your Jan. period yet?


mandababy27 - February 2

I loved the nuva ring until it fell out mysteriously probably after s_x on night and i didnt notice for almost an entire week and continued to have s_x. No you cannot feel it.. (hence why i didnt notice when it fell out) u insert it rigt into your v____a there is no wrong way to do it. I got my period at the end of december into early jan.. inserted my ring.. it fell out 2-3 days after i started my new ring.. i didnt notice til the monday after... and then i started the new pills on sunday... does that make senese?


Melissa30 - February 3

Thanks for the info on the Nuvaring. After reading your question a little closer, the symptoms you are describing could be from the switch to Birth Control pills. You really should buy a test just to be sure. If you started the pills on the 21st of Jan, you probably won't have another period until the middle to end of Feb. and by that time you may damage the fetus if you continue on the pill. I don't want to scare you but you really should make sure before you take anymore pills.


mandababy27 - February 9

i'm taking another test tonight im sooo naseauas and bloated like crazy.. sleepy, moody, yet restless when i want to sleep at night... :(


Melissa30 - February 10

well how did your test come out?


mandababy27 - February 10

last night was negative but i think it could be cause i took it late at night.. and im not dude for my period until sunday or later...


punkin01 - February 18

melissa30 just watch the ring a friends fell out 3 different times and she didnt notice till several days later and finally her doc wanted to change her BC but it was too late she was preggo because it kept falling out..............mandababy27 i would highly suggest testing soon !!!!



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