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punkin01 - April 25

Hello....I was wondering how you told your partner about your pregnancy, I want a creative/special way to tell my hubby (no I dont have the BFP yet but I want to be ready because when I get it I wont be able to wait to get ideas from you ladies....I want this time to be special because with our DD I was thinking I had a medical problem because I just stopped the Dept shot 5 mos earlier and according to the booklet on it it should have taken 12-18 mos to get out of my system so when I was late we thought a medical problem but It was our DD then with Joshua, our DD was 11 mos old and I was on the pill never missed a dose same time everyday and I was suppose to start a new pack of pills that night and I realized I hadnt had my period and I couldnt take that pill with a "what if" in my mind so I tested and I was preggo ///// I had a Csection with Josh and had my tubes tied ....some may know others may not but we lost our Josh to SIDS when he was 9 weeks old////I have had a tubal reversal and waiting on my post-op appt to get the green light to do the baby dance (my appt is April 29) so I want to get some ideas for when and IF it happens to some creative and romantic way to tell him so it will be special since I and we have went through so much to try to have another one ))) sorry if I have rambled or told to much I just want you to understan why it means so much for it to be "an extra special" announcement....any suggestion appriciated!!!!! ?


jenniferjo - April 30

If you like to cook, I suggest a menu including baby carrots and stuff like that. Also you could have him help you by getting something out of the oven... the 'something' would be a bun. When he asks why there is a bun in the oven you could say, well you help put it there... he should get it pretty soon. Also I've heard of signs coming into town or on their street(the way hubby comes home) saying your going to be a father with the final 'congrats' sign in your yard or on your front door. Another idea is having a romantic evening followed by s_x. When you take off your clothes you have 'baby' written in washable marker on your tummy. That is if you can wait all evening... I couldn't wait an hour! and called hubby at work so I didn't get to try these out. I did the food one with my 1st however... with the baby carrots and a mini loaf of bread in the oven. I had to bake bread because we were out of buns and I didn't want to drive 45 minutes to the store. Good luck!



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