Semen Comes Out Of My

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sam - January 28

Is it common to have semen come out of va___a after you have had s_x? Can you still get pregnant? Every time I have s_x with my husband, I go to the bathroom and clean up the semen that flows out..please advise...


Melissa - January 28

Sam, if you are trying to get pregnant....After you and your husband are done having s_x, try not to rush to the bathroom to clean up, lay on your back for a while or maybe even put a pillow under your hips and just sit and relax for about 15 minutes and give the sperm time to travel.... hope this helps.


kat - January 28

i agree with melissa although you will still get some come out after anyway.


Nevaeh - January 29

Sam, My husband and I had the same problem. We changed a couple of things. First, I totally relaxed when he was about to ejaculate, then he stayed inside me for an additional minute (he didn't pull right out). Afterwards, I lay on my back with my hips elevated for a half an hour (sometimes falling asleep). Oh, I always go to the bathroom BEFORE we make love. This helps so that I don't have an urge to go after. This will allow me to stay still longer. The main thing is you don't want the sperm to have to fight gravity and you don't want to wash them away. Hope this helps. Baby Dust to You!


Christina - February 9

okay so here is the truth that always happens its normal but I freaked the first time too. the sperm that comes out of you comes out because of the fact that it was not strong enough to swim all the in. so would you want those to empregnate you ? no. putting you feet up or whatever does not make it go farter in you it just gets absorbed in to the v____a. and you should always go to the bathroom after s_x because if you dont you risk getting infections. trust me it is easier to go to the bathroom for 3 min. then to have your feet up for a half hour. that would really kill the post s_x cuddle. sperm know what to do let them work you will be surprised


sarah - February 10

This happens to me everytime. Even if we have s_x right before i go to sleep for the whole night. I can just fall asleep right after without getting up- but once i get up in the morning.....then the sperm comes out. Can someone help me?? Am i doing something wrong?After an eight hour sleep it seems so weird that in the morning sperm will still come out.


BBK - February 11

The Semen will come out every single time, and this is just what happens. It only takes one spermatozoa to make you pregnant and a low sperm count is 20 million in a mililiter and even a small ejaculation is 2 mililiters. That gives you at least 40 million sperms (spermatozoa) per ejaculation. The average is closer to 80 to 100 million per ejaculation. Out of them about 50% swim forward, and remember you only need one. So, don't worry, you can still get pregnant, even if you clean up right after.


!! - February 11

i thought i was the only one with that problem....


jenifer55 - May 11

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