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k - November 21

My wife just had her first untrasound. Actually it was the Vaginal camera. I saw the picture of the growing baby. Everyone I show it to says that is big for 10 weeks. Now if that is the case,,, the obvious concern is to think it is more than 10 weeks old. I don't see how that is because it was first time for s_x after her period...Any other reason?


m - November 21

your doctor should have said based on the measurements of the baby about how big it was and whether the due date was accurate. many women have periods during pregnancy or light bleeding they think is a period but is not. also ovulation can occur at any time, more likely to be the 2nd week of her cycle, but it is possible to get preg even during your period. womens bodies are funny things! i wouldnt put too much about what others say about the picture, it is hard to get an idea of size relative to the uterus from that first pic! good luck!


k - November 21

Thank you. I knew about the period during pregnancy thing. I am just thinking of times we had s_x did not match up. It looks bigger than 10 weeks but smaller than say 15 weeks. Anyways,j ust nervous. If it just it looks bigger because the camera was very close, then I'll be happy. Thanks again for your response


m - November 21

well i can tell you for sure if the doc did measurements he definitely woulda changed the date if it looked more than a week off. mine at 9.5 weeks was about 4 days off by the measurements but he left my due date the same.


Lila - November 22

k, you have NOTHING to be concerned about! First of all, EVERY fetus grows at a different rate- along with the expectant mother! second of all, the ultrasound tech magnifies the view for measuring purposes, aswell as making it easier for you to see! Just ask her/him next time, they will tell you the same! I have had 3 children and on my 4th. I know what youre going through...with my 1st baby I had an ultrasoiund done at 13 weeks and I thought for SURE they had made a mistake with my due date. The baby looked like it was at least 5 months old!!! the formation of his bones and spine, everything seemed so mature, yet I was only 13 weeks pregnant! In reality though, the baby was only 3.4 cm long (CtoR) and was just this tiny little baby floating around in there!


k - November 28

Thank you so much for that info. I am starting the worrying early, I guess. Take care everyone.


to k - November 28

It seems to me if you think your wife may have been fooling around on you if you do not trust her then you have problems you say "everyone" says it looks big for 10wks uumm do you work with a bunch of ultra sound techs or something? I have shown off my early sono pics and most people did not seem to see anything much which is normal but well it just seems you want us to tell you not to worry that your wife is not messing around on you...


Amanda - December 1

ACTUALLY KRISTEN, you are very wrong. Women CAN bleed during pregnancy, and it is NOT always life threatening. Women CAN have periods (or bleeding around the time of period) during pregnancy, and it is NORMAL. Women CAN ovulate at any time during their cycle. Usually 14 days after the first day of bleeding, but it can occur ANY time and sometimes that is during the heaviest day of bleeding. Kristen, please do your research before giving information to people on a forum, and please try not to be so dramatic, just in case your misinformation freaks someone out.


Ditto - December 1

Yeah, what Amanda said! Everything she said was true, Kirsten you do have the facts a little off.



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