Sex After Delivery

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Gotta KNow - May 1

Hi, wondering how after delivery before you can have intercourse again. Does anyone have experience with "tearing" during labor? If so, what was it like having s_x again? I'm 33 weeks and starting to worry that I won't be able to have s_x like before I got preg. Please help... =*(


tab - May 2

i was torn pretty bad by my daughter but i had s_x 5 weeks after i had her. you just have to be lubed up down there and it will probably be a little sore down there(kinda like your first time)


nelly - May 2

i started to tare and i ended up having to be cut and the nurses told me"nothing in the v____a for 3 months' and we waited the 3 months and it wasnt painful it was scary and just make sure you start out slow so you want risk anything.


LI - May 2

I had an episiotomy. the last thought on my mind was s_x! It's a rough road for a while. The dr. even told my hbby it would bemany weeks before s_x. I think 6 weeks alter we finally had s_x. It won't be on your mind-trust me!


Bella - May 4

I had s_x 4 wks after the baby and it felt like everything inside me was bruised and sore. It probably took about three months before it stopped hurting when we had s_x. Its been two yrs now and everything feels like before I had my son.


456 - May 7

I think you have to wait at least 8 weeks.


Rajesh Kumar - May 23

my wife delivered a baby girl now 90 day how soon i can resume my s_x life and what is the minimum period after delivery to have s_x


Julie - May 23

You have to wait to get the OK from your doctor. Usually at your 6 week post birth check up your doctor will say it is OK. I had a little tearing and we had s_x right after my 6 week appt. and it was a little uncomfortable but once we got going it wasn't bad at all. The fear was the worst part.


Jbear - May 24

I had a c-section and I had s_x two weeks later without discomfort.


sufina - June 6

Hi, please wait a 60 days the case of normal delivery, and if it is scran wait for 4months ...



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