Sex After Dilation

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Mandy - June 23

I have begun to dilate and was wondering if it is still ok to have s_x. My husband is coming home from Iraq and it has been too long since we've had s_x. I have read that some say it's ok and some say it's not. Any help would be muchly appreciated.


Soontobemom - June 23

Call up your doc and ask them. They won't think you are wierd or anything, and after baby comes you won't be able to have s_x for a while so I say why not.


sunshyne9 - June 23

I was in mild labour all weekend wiht my daughter and dialated to 3 cm when I went in and I had s_x all weekend.. they say a mans sperm is good for your cervix to help soften it and stuff... so I say why not too :) Enjoy it now lol


lexa - June 23

My opinion is get it while you can! Once baby arrives, it'll be a lot longer. Your doc would've probably told you if it was unsafe and to avoid it at this point since you were going home being dilated.


Atarahsmommy - July 5

Thank you for asking that question I was wondering the same thing, since I had hear on another post here that the reason (one of them anyway) for 6 weeks after is that at your 6 week check up they make sure your cervix is all closed up agiain so you won get an infection (among checking to make sure other things are all healed) So would it be easier to get an infection before if your cervix is starting to dialate, has anywone had their doctor tell them it was ok after they had already dialated?


afwife - July 21

you're fine to have s_x. i would say as long as your water hasn't broken.....even if you are dilated, your bag of waters is protecting that baby, so it's actually good to have softens your cervix. and give your husband a BIG hug and thank you from all of us. my hubby was there last year and will be deploying again in about a month, right after our baby is born!!!! but thank goodness he's not going back there, he got a much better TDY this time. your husband deserves some good s_x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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