Sex And I Am 15 With A 21 Year Old Guy Pregnate

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help me - November 25

there was this guy named andy at first he did not like me but when he go to know me he asked me out . we have been having s_x for about 4 mouths but 4 times with out a condom we love each other but if i get preg then he gets in trouble and he really hot to. what do i do


ashlee - November 25

hey you should not have s_x with him ok. you prolly are a sweet and beautful girl to and you dont want to get preg at 15 i was its very painful i think but try your best to always have a condom


Annon. - November 28

I agree with Ashlee. How long between asking you out, and getting in your pants? I hate to say it, but in my opinion there is very little reason for a 21 yo to date a 15yo, as in most states, that could land him a nice jail term as a rapist (Which is where I'm gathering the "he gets in trouble" part comes into play, among the "he's a father" part.) Sit back and look at your relationship, can it last. If so, would it last without s_x? (I'm guessing no on this one.) But as usual, I'm advising you to make your own choice, but step back and look at the big picture.


gnasta ma - November 29

well 1st of all this is why they say don't have s_x til you are married becuase of problems such as these # 2 you are 15 he is 21 the one you should worry most about is you becuase if he gets in trouble and go to jail then you are gonna be stuck with the baby and it is so hard for a baby to grow up with out a father trust me i know it affected my life. i am guessing that is the only way he can get in to troble.


iamnotgonnatellu - November 29

its ok i am 15 and pregnant and i got kicked out of mmy house i am having my kids in a month


Relle - January 4

I personally date older guys I am 17 and never lie about my age I made sure I was ready and feel I made a mature decision young guys dont do it for me i have a car job and am in college. You are quite young and should wait a little while longer; having unprotected s_x is stupied so if you decide to see him wrap it up.Only you can decide how you feel and know your relationship but be safe because he is older he knows the game a little more



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