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Picky Preggo - August 18

OK- I am being a little picky/hormonal here, but does anyone else think it is a little strange that there are like a hundred threads on this forum about s_xual situations that could lead to pregnancy? I thought that this forum was to discuss s_x issues that come up while you are actually pregnant. Also, for the girls who keep posting stuff about "Could I be pregnant if. . .?" please please please- do everyone a favor and go buy a pregnancy test, or go to Planned Parenthood and get a pregnany test/counseling there. It is the only way you will know for sure. Also, post those types of questions on the "Signs of Pregnancy," "Teen Pregnancy" and "Pregnancy Tests" forums. That is where they belong and you have a better chance of getting the answers you want there.


to PP from j. - August 18

Hey Picky, I know what you mean cuz I think of this forum as 's_x while you're preggo' too. But lots of people write in on here thinking, this is a ' (Can having this type of) s_x (get you) PREGNANT? forum, so relate to s_x and pregnancy that way. You are right, there are other forums for that. Quite honestly though, some don't sound real to me at all!


Picky P - August 19

I think a lot of them are "trolls," as my hubby would put it. He just laughs at me because I get my panties in a bunch over this stuff. LOL. Stupid, I know. :)


twist - August 22

Me too! The first time I looked at the s_x and pregnancy forum, I was hoping for some tips on making things a little more comfortable different post_tions and that kind of thing. After scanning the questions, I realised it was just a bunch of idiots asking the same irrelevant things over and over, with a few weird questions about b___tlicking etc. thrown in for good measure(tossing his salad, I can't understand why it hasn't been taken off yet, I glanced at it and it didn't seem to say anything about being pregnant). I occasionally come back to see if anything that is actually relevant has been posted, but no luck so far. Am thinking of posting a question myself, but I don't know if I can be bothered with all the stupid replies I'll get, maybe I should just buy a book or something!


Picky P - August 22

twist- There were a couple of threads that had to do with positions and not feeling "in the mood" or feeling "too in the mood" while pregnant. I could find them and bump them if you want. Or you can post your question and hopefully you'll get some halfway decent answers. :)


I think - August 22

either interpretation of what the forum means is valid so either type of question is valid. Just my two cents


twist - August 23

thanks picky p, I decided to bite the bullet and post my own question after all. I don't usually do that because I know there are a lot of bored people out there looking for others to annoy, but it is so hard to filter through all the questions on this forum. I guess I'll see what comes up, huh? Thanks for your help.


natalya - August 23

wat are the best s_x positions out there to get pregnant????


teigan - August 24

me too am confused, as i am wanting to know if it is safe whilst pregnant, and instead im getting told to (coughs) lick my hubbys b___t, and swallow his left overs, i mean come on im a lady for christ sake... lol


Picky P - August 24

I think there are some better threads popping up. It is still so hard to sort through, though, because of all of the teenagers' and trolls' "could i be pregnant" posts. Natalya- I think it may be an old wives' tale about certain positions to get pregnant. I think the key is to make sure you are ovulating when you have s_x. I also heard you shouldn't overdo it with frequency of s_x because it could decrease his sperm count. Unfortunately, I don't know what is considered "too much" s_x. Good luck in finding an answer to your question.


bump - August 28




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