Sex And The Baby

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simplle curious - October 19

Is it okay for my husband to ejaculate in me?


To curious - October 19

It is not just okay for your husband to ejaculate in you but it is the preferred way to satisfy both your s_xual urges. Millions of husbands ejaculate in their wives every day/nite. Ejaculating is nature's way of keeping men s_xual system tuned up and propagating us humans. So if he wants to ejaculate in you let him have at it. If your not ready to get pregnant yet, I'd suggest you go on the pill.


Daile - October 20

curious, ejaculation won't harm the baby in any way. Late in your pregnancy the doctor may suggest not having s_x, especially close to your due date, as it could cause you to go into labor (from what I've read).


Mellissa - October 24

Before you are pregnant, your cervix is the wall between your uterus (where a baby can live) and your v____a (where a man's p___s fits during s_x) It is impossible for any man to fit through your cervix and into your uterus. The tiny hole that is in your cervix is JUST big enough for a sperm to get through SINGLE FILE. Now, as soon as you get pregnant, this tiny hole is filled with something called "a mucus plug" (I know, Yuk) that is a combination of blood and mucus. It's there until you go into labor and it's sole purpose is to protect that baby from the outside world. It's why you can continue to have s_x and take warm baths and swim etc. No germs can get past your cervix and into your uterus. This being said, your baby is also protected in an amnitotic sac of fluid which is a double-defence against the outside world. In other words, your man's sperm is just going into your v____a, going as far as your cervix and, that's it. It just dies. It's true that there is a hormone in a mans sperm that can cause the cervix to dialate but, this can't happen until the baby is ready to be delivered anyway, it doesn't cause early dialation. It's the same hormone that they may spread on your cervix if you go past your duedate but don't worry, this only works when the baby is ready to come out anyways (38-42 wks)


kellie - October 24

most doctors encourage s_x in the last days of pregnancy as a natural way for going into labor s_x is the reason you got this way might as well be the way you end it too......



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