Sex During AF

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-Curious- - November 2

How common is it for the ladies in here to have s_x during AF? I'm just curious if it's something normal or if people find it to be strange.....


Natalie - November 7

what is AF?


-Curious- - November 8

AF is Aunt Flow. Your period.


misty - November 8

believe it or not it is quite common.


2 Curious - November 8

It is fairly common, but during this time it can be a little dangerous. During AF and also during Ovulation, the cervix is slightly more open than any other time, During AF for Stuff to come out. During ovulation for stuff to go in. So make sure hands/fingers etc are washed properly before "Fiddeling".


christie - November 13

i have only done it once and i thought people would think that was very wierd i was surprised to see that its actually common. but i do have a question also, if you are on your period is it okay for the guy to c_m in you??


SlM - November 13

My dh and I, before I got pregnant, would have s_x when i was on my af, we'd just put down a towel...he does not mind and neither do I. I can tell that I have better orgasms as well. To each their own I suppose.. :o)


christi - November 16

is it okay for him to c_m in you while your on your period??


Vita - November 16

We abstain during that time. I personally find it repulsive. For all the Christians on here: It is against the Bible. That is another reason why we abstain.


christie - November 16

okay vita that wasnt my question so dont start, this site is for people who have questions not to get preached at my someone that is probably younger than i am, so if anyone knows the answer to my question i would appreciate it


-Curious- - November 17

Christi, I don't see anything wrong with him c_mming inside you just because you're on your period. My bf does it all the time =)


christie - November 18

thanks curious!!


suzie - November 21

is there anything you or your partner can catch or infections that u can get having s_x on your period?


suzie - November 22

please answer!


bump - November 24



Steph - November 25

You can catch infections/diseases whether or not you are on your period if you are having unprotected s_x.


suzie - November 27

well what im trying to say is, is there a higher chance of you getting infections or diseases just because your on your period??



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