Sex During And After Pregnancy

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kratyzie - March 31

hi, i have been thinking about having a baby sometime in the next 2-5 years or so, but i am very concerned about how this will affect me s_xually, i am worried i will lose my s_x drive. everywhere i read that people never want to have s_x after they give birth and i am so scared of that. i don't know if that would happen to me or not... i had a bleeding ovarian cyst once and i had to have surgery and it burst because of s_x and i still was able to have s_x every day after the week after i had surgery. what would happen if i had a baby? is it really that bad afterwards like everyone says? my partner is really supportive and thinks people that are pregnant or just gave birth are really s_xy, so i think i wouldn't have a problem feeling attractive, and at no point in my cycle am i unable to have s_x. help! what is it really like after a baby? i would really love to have children someday!


Jenifer - April 5

S_x after having a baby is not as bad as you have been told. My s_x drive has not went anywhere. If anything it has increased, during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy I felt like I couldn't get enough. My partner is the one whose s_x drive decreased because of the fear of hurting the baby. After pregnancy I still am as s_xual as I was before and during my pregnancy. I think if you are a s_xual person then you should really have no problems. In my opinion it all depends on the individual. After having a baby you do feel s_xier, why wouldn't you? You carry around all this extra weight you never had to carry before then loose it all at once, and fill out some of those parts that weren't quit as full before. And you get to wear all of your clothes again. Having a baby is a beautiful thing, you just have to know how to handle it. But I can guarentee it is not as bad as you have heard.



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