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catherine - April 17

i am 8 months pregnant and this is my first baby, and my boyfriend & i have s_x throughout my pregnancy. but im wondering should i stop? will it cause to make the baby come out soon? i mean i know it's a weird question. and he still shoot inside of me, is that ok for him to do that? or i should wear a condom?


mommyof2tryin4#3 - April 17

Its ok to still have s_x if the doc okays it i had s_x up till i just didn't want to anymore which was my last month and we did not use protection so the baby is fine but once you get close to delivery s_x can bring contractions on in some women(cases) but gl :)


E586467 - April 17

Unless the baby is ready to come or you doctor thinks you are prone to preterm labour, having s_x won't make you go into labour so don't worry. Semen contains progestroglandons which can help to soften the cervix & cause braxton hicks, but WILL NOT put you in labour unless your body is ready anyway. My dd was 1wk late & my ds was 6days and with both we had a LOT of s_x once 40wks came & went to help bring on labour, but both decided to come when they were good and ready. Enjoy all the unprotected s_x you can & worry about wearing condoms once you resume s_x after the baby arrives. Good luck & congrats on your almost new arrival.


mama4andmore - April 17

s_x is fine as long as doc says it is. Also mommy is right s_x in the last few weeks can help to bring labor on as well as niple stimulation. Sperm can help to soften the cervix, but as long as you feel comfortable and arent in pain go for it girl


catherine - April 18

thanks girls. i appreciate your feedback. lol yes i can enjoy s_x but the dr. didnt say anything if i drop or going to preterm labor. =] yeah i cant wait to see my baby come out. i cant stand the pain right now. =/


4buzybeez - May 11

i totally agree with E586467. I was enjoying s_x up until my due date with my previous 3 pregnancy. wish it can be the same this time. but i have lost all interest in s_x for thelast 2 months. *sign*


dadang - May 12

Will as I know, its bad for the baby if you still having a s_x when your already pregnant. As my experience it goes like that its bad, a pregnant woman must stop having s_x during the baby is already 7 mos.or else there will be a side effect on that. ____________________ delia This is a comprehensive addiction portal focusing on topics of alcohol and drug abuse.


E586467 - May 12

dadang do you have ANY idea what you are talking about? Ask any doctor and they will all tell you the same thing - Unless you have a high risk pregnancy s_x is not only good for the couple but the baby too. When you have s_x you release hormones & chemicals which make you feel good & some of these h&c are pa__sed on to the baby. The baby has NO idea what just happed between mum & dad, but all it knows is it feels happy & relaxed too. What side affect are you referring too? & what is the comment about alcohol and drug abuse?



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