Sex Hurts During Pregnancy

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Ginger - March 2

I have a serious problem. I have been pregnant twice and both times, s_x was extremely painful for me the whole nine months. I have gone to the Doctor several times about this and all they can say is, "Well, if it hurts, then don't do it." Yeah right, tell that to my husband! They did say that one of the problems is that my cervix was off to one side. Both times I was pregnant, I could not have s_x the whole nine months, and five months after the birth. Am I alone with this? Does anyone else have this problem? Is there any help for me in the future? I would really like to know because I might have gotten myself pregnant again two days ago and I really do not want to have to give up s_x with my husband for a year and a half. P.S. KY Jelly does not help for this.


Ginger - March 2

Someone please help me... I do not know if my marriage will last if I can not have s_x with my husband. Even though he will be happy about the baby, I do not think he will be happy about waiting a year and a half just to have s_x with me.


Franki - March 2

I am 20 weeks along, and occasionally s_x is uncomfortable for me, but it sounds like for you it is a bigger issue than just discomfort. Have you tried other ways of pleasing each other? I hope you can work through this with your husband. Good luck!


Susan - March 3

I have discomfort as well when I am pregnant depending on the position. Maybe you could find other ways to pleasure him besides penetration.


Ginger - March 3

I have tried other things and there are fine, but then my husband says that he misses the s_x and wants the real thing.


bump - March 5



b - March 8



TSK - March 8

i;ve had painful s_x too. KY seems to make it worse as it smarts when applied. andwithout the lube, i'm just too dry for penetration. need help too..


Erin - March 9

S_x is painful for me sometimes but ASTROGLIDE really seems to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ginger - March 9

I am going to try Astroglide and let you know if that helps if I am pregnant.


j - March 9

Vaseline helps alot and it does not burn like the ky jelly.


Ginger - March 9

Thanks, I will have to try that one too...


kayla - March 11

it hurts me too... anyone have an answer? i have tried every form of lube, and that is not the problem. the problem is that it feels like he is ripping me on my insides and it also burns like hell.


aj - March 14

i have the same problem and it drives me crazy!


Ginger - March 15

Guess what? I am pregnant!


Tanya - March 17

S_x has become excrusiating for me and my hubby also. I am 13weeks and our s_x life is really dying. He has become way to big for me all of a sudden. It is so strange. I feel like a virgin again!


sm - March 17

Try shallow penetration positions, side by side or where he lies on his back and you lay partly ontop on your back (need pictures!) for instance. Also oral s_x for him and you. Can be fun.



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