Sex In 2nd Trimester Anyone Else Uncomfortable

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skylersmom - May 18

i am 22 wks and i swear i got my s_x drive back. lately ive been wanting it more. the problem is i just feel so uncomfortable all the time! i have to pee constantly. i get braxton hicks all the time which is uncomfortable. why is s_x so uncomfortable to me? i just wanna enjoy it


skylersmom - May 18



EllieBaby - May 18

Maybe you just have to find a comfy position, try on top or standing with your back to him. Do you enjoy by yourself? Don't answer that, lol. Experiment. Maybe you can find info online regarding diff postions for preg women.


CamysMama - May 19

Hi Skylersmom! I'm 23 wks myself, and in a very similar situation. I want to enjoy it, and feel like I don't want to deprive my fiance just because I'm preggo, but at the same time I worry about the baby while we're doing it, and it's hard to find an angle that doesn't hurt. We've tried a few new positions, and experimenting is kind of fun, but it just doesn't feel the same as it did before! You might try lying in bed and spooning - that one takes the pressure off your tum. Good luck, and happy babydancing!


Karen_Fletcher - May 22

Hi, yesterday for the first time we had to stop as i felt really uncomfy, i always found that me on top was comfy but i got a st_tch and its also twinged slightly, so i have two choices find another position or be resigned to no s_x til after baby... which is all very well but im getting married in 5 days!! lol


CamysMama - June 5

I keep trying new positions with the soon-to-be dh, but it's so frustrating - it still feels uncomfortable, and sometimes it downright hurts! He is always so careful and gentle and sweet, and when he asks if he's hurting me, I just tell him, "no, it's okay" but I know he can tell I'm not enjoying it like I used to. I just can't figure out how to make it feel good now that things have changed down there! (25 weeks along, btw.) I don't mind not having "a moment" as we call it, but I know it bothers him that he's not able to please me. I don't even have much of a s_x drive anymore, but I still enjoy being close to him, and making him feel good, so we still do it even though it's uncomfortable. Anyone else experiencing this? Does it get better???



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