Sex In The First Trimester

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MaryM - March 10

I was reading an article where this woman kept having miscarrages and they finally liked it to her having s_x in the first trimester. I am not sure how reliable the source...has anyone else ever heard of this?


sososleepy - March 11

Hi Mary. Nope, I sure missed that one. I had a mc at 9 weeks. Dh and I were not intimate between finding out I was pg and the mc, so I can guarantee that didn't cause mine. It did cause me to get doc to explain to dh that it's ok to because there's no way I'm going that long without dh again and we're trying to get pg again.


MaryM - March 12

Thanks! I feel better because I can't go that long without it!!


April4 - March 13

Hello Mary I'm on my 4th baby at 18 weeks along and my husband thinks he has to do it everyday or he'll explode. :) And sometimes he's not really easy with me, even me fussing at him. All my babies have been fine. I read because I was concerned about it between that and me working and it says none of that can bring it on. Everything said that if your body hadn't tooken good to the pregnacy that it would happen regardless of how careful you are. Sorta sad you can't prevent it that way, but it did make me feel better about my worries. Good luck to you though Enjoy


Megan P - March 13

Am I the only one that doesn't want to have s_x because of the way my boyfriend's breath smells???? I thought it would subside after first trimester, but I can't face him. I hold my breath if he pecks me on the cheek. It sucks!!


MaryM - March 13

If his breath bothers you that much, just be honest and ask his to brush his teeth before...Otherwise you can be sneaky and suggest that you really need to brush your teeth and maybe he should too. Tell him it's a weird pregnancy urge if he questions it!


crrodgers - March 14

I have had 2 m/c and I was told that you should slow down on s_x or even stop if there is any bleeding present. other than have the green light! I just wish there was a magic pill that could make me want it as often as my hubby wants it!



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