Sex In Water

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~S~ - March 18

I'm curious to know if having s_x in water can be dangerous to my baby? I just got a new place and it came with a huge jaccuzi tub in the bathroom. My bf and I are excited to try it out, but I'm a bit scared and don't want to have s_x in there until I know it doesn't pose any harm to our baby. Anyone know?


Glory - March 18

The only risk is if the water is too hot. You want to keep your body temperature at a normal leve.


autum - March 18

as far as i understood, s_x in water pg or not is danger. the p___s acts like a sucktion, forcing water into the uterus, that can cause endometrioses (sp). i will a__sume that it can hurt a baby. but please check it out over the net, im not 100% positive on it.


~S~ - March 21

Thanks autum, I was thinking the same thing, because when having s_x, air is pumped into the vagine by the guys p___s, I was a bit concerned with water being pumped in there. I also read that it is dangerous for a man to b__w air into a womans v____a while having oral, pregnant or not...NOT that I allow this to happen or my partner does this, but it made me think that if air can be potentially dangerous, so can water? Awww this is kind of a damper, because I'm planning this romantic dinner night at my place with my bf. I was gonna fill the jacuzzi up with bubbles and rose petals hehe..Well, I guess I can still do that, but no s_x in the tub will be allowed. =o)


autum - March 21

you can diffenetly still do the bath thing just no s_x, or after fooling around jump into a shower and have it in the shower, that's always good :), good luck and ENJOY


maggie - April 25

can you get pregnant in a hottub without wearing a condom?


~D~ - August 1

I wanna can you get pregnant if you have s_x in the beach? Please someone answer i really need to know. Thanks!


Tracy - August 2

Having s_x "in" the beach water will get you more than just sperm inside of you. Not exactly a sanitary location. You will have to flush out if you do.


linda - August 2

how to s_x in water?


~D~ - August 3

What exactly do you mean i have to flush out? Do you mean i can get pregnant?


Tracy - August 4

It means you might get some bacteria which will lead to infection inside your v____a IF you have s_x in the beach water. Talk about having a bad WEEK! You never know what exactly is in the water. Having s_x ON the beach is another matter, you might get sand in the v____a.


billysnyder - August 22




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