Sex Is The Last Thing On My Mind

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Tess - October 9

help! im 22 weeks pregnant and can feel myself resenting my husband for wanting to have s_x! before i was pregnant i wanted it upto 3 times a day! i know im hurting his feelings everytime i reject him but he just doesnt seem to understand! is it because im tired? i wonder if ive just gotten myself into a mind frame of "i dont want to have s_x" like a mind over body thing, or is this directly related to my pregnancy? please help!


Rachel.R - October 10

Discuss how you are feeling with your husband.. Many many women feel the same way, and others, the exact oposite, its nothing you have done, and nothing your husband has done either, rea__sure him that you love him, and you still find him s_xy, but you just dont feel up to s_x at the moment.. He should understand.. Maybe if he gives you a sensual ma__sage, or a nice relaxing spa, you might feel more comfortable and may want s_x. Maybe also you could get away for a weekend.. go somewhere where you can relax, and forget everything... I did that with my boyfriend.. it worked wonders.. I was really against s_x at one stage, but every night, my boyfriend would run me a nice warm(not hot) bath, and pour some lavendar, or rosemary in it.. and help me into the bath.. while i sat and relaxed, he would lather up his hands and gently ma__sage my back, shoulders and neck, it was Very relaxing. He later told me that it made him feel really special when i would tell him how wonderful it was, and how nice it felt. All the love and attention, made me want to show him my love in return. it fired up our s_x life. and It has been getting better and better ever since... im now 26 weeks pregnant, and im looking forward to lots more back ma__sages and relaxing baths.. I hope I helped.. just make sure you talk to your hubby about this.. and tell him how satisfying it is.



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