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keley - August 10

o.k., i'm not trying to be rude or anything, but all i want is SEX! i'm a married women and when me and my husband have s_x, i think about other people to get off some are women, is this normal? i even think about having s_x with his brother just to get off ! i dont act on it, but it just helps me to c_m,, is this normal or am i having weird body things going on? i love my husband and he is very good in bed, but i still think about other people while im right in the middle of s_x, please help!!


xxx - August 4

I think you need to play the feild a little bit to get it out of your system. email me and im sure i can accomodate. [email protected]


m - August 4

haha...nice xxx


Sweetheart - August 5

i think the same way as kelly..i think i need help too.. so plz help us ladies


Dawn - August 5

what ru talking bout xxx to play the field? i think u might wanna talk 2 a psychiatrist. It might be normal but i dont know, the only advice i can tell u is dont cheat on your husband.


keley - August 6

thanks for the advice, i dont want to cheat on my husband, he's a wonderful man and has a great s_x drive, i just fantisize about other people well were having s_x!! i guess it's because we've been together for 16 yrs and ive never been with anyone else, i was just wondering if anyone else does this too...


YES - August 9

I fantasize about other people from my boyfriend's past that he's told me about. They used to run trains on girls when he was a teenager and I pretend I am one of the girls that everyone wants to be with but I only want him and they are standing by watching jerkign off. i think it's very healthy to fantasize... Like you I DON'T WANT TO ACT ON IT EITHER.


keley - August 10

thanks to YES, thats thing i was talking about, i think it's normal to thinks about other people while having s_x, i never do anything wrong, i love my husband very much...thanks



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