Sex Twice A Day And Sperm Count

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Toni - February 14

Me and my husband , we like to have s_x a lot. On average, he ejaculates twice each day but I was wondering would it be more difficult for me to get pregnant like that since we ttc? Will his sperm count decrease? Was Anybody pregnant while they were doing it as often? Please let me know? And Baby Dust to all...


bump - February 14



Lindsey - February 14

I am 33 weeks and at first i did it a couple times a day but it wasn't till we slowed down that I got pregnant


BBK - February 14

It will decrease sperm count for sure, but the question is what is his normal sperm count. If he has a high one then you should still be OK, but the odds are not good; today's men have a much lower sperm count than they did hundreds of years ago. Pants, along with stress, polution etc account for that. So, slow it down during your ovulating days


toni - February 15

Thank you guys and I don't know his sperm count because we did not checked. I was just curious. I think I am slowing down since I am ovulating now.


Martin Tran, M.D. - May 16

Once the body has adjusted (through sustained effort over time), frequent ejaculations would increase the likelyhood. The t______es produce so many sperm (millions) that frequency would not reduce the numbers. Frequent ejaculation actually tends to reduce the amount of s____n, which would actually increase the sperm count by volume (same sperm/less volume). But volume is needed to effectively spread the sperm and coat the v____a. However, the body adjusts. That is, if sustained long enough, frequency stimulates the prostate to produce more s____n with each ejaculation. Eventually it will produce as much volume with each ejaculation as it did before he was frequent. Above a minimal sperm count, motility and sperm health is a far more important factor. Studies I have seen indicate that the numbers of unhealthy sperm are reduced and the quality of the s____n is more suitable for sperm in men who have adjusted to frequent, regular ejaculations. This would only server to help fertilization.


xxx - May 22

i would have s_x once a day.



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