Sex While Dilated

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sarahlorrain - January 22

I'm just wondering what your docs have said....if this has come up. I want to know whether it's ok to have s_x after you have begun to dilate? I'm 38 weeks, 2 days and dilated to a 2. I tried looking it up on the internet, but was getting mixed opinions. Some sites said it's ok, but them said you risk introducing bacteria into your uterus. I'll probably call up at the OB at the hospital to see what they say, but I wanted to see what you guys have been told. DH wanted s_x last night, but I told him no, since I hadn't ever gotten around to called to ask......he was a little annoyed. I wanted to, don't get me wrong...especially since I really would like to have this baby asap! We had s_x the day I went into labor with our daughter...and it was alright...I just don't want to put the baby in danger, you know??


Dawn C - January 22

As long as your water has not broke and you have had no trouble with this pregnancy, it should be fine


Jessica NY - January 25

Yep, no problem at all as long as your water hasn't broken - that is the sterile bag of liquid that the baby lives in, once that ruptures baby could get an infection that is why you have to deliver soon after your water breaks. My doctor actually recommended I have s_x, I'm nearly 39 weeks along and only 1cm and 0% effaced (my cervix is still thick). He said that s_x or rather s____n will help to thin out my cervix.


Christophers-DawnC - January 25

the s_x thing didnt work for me. I was 39 wks also. Hope it works for you


Joannav - February 21

I would day no. My doctor and everything i read said not to have s_x. if you are trying to enduce labor, my adive would be don't. you have to think there id probably and reason why you baby is not ready to come. I just dont like to mess with Gods plan. I know you feel like you cant take it anymore, but the first time you look into the little eyes, you know it will been all worth it in the end. take time to relax , take hot showers and spend the day woth you husband.


Steph - February 21

You can have s_x until your water breaks or leaks, then it's a no no. If you are not high risk and your doctor has not restricted you from s_x, you can have s_x up until the day you get into the hospital.


lil mumma - February 21

personally, I wouldn't have s_x. If the waters are still intact, then the baby is protected from any invading bacteria but you're not. I had uterine infections after both my babies and trust me - they're not nice. I know it's hard especially as you've not got long to go, but if you're already 2cm then just try to hang in there!!! godd luck



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