Sex With Two Guys

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ledouxfn - January 14

i am pregnant about 20 weeks i had s_x with a friend it was unprotected he c_mmed in me, is there anyway his sperm could get in the womb and the baby be part his?


emunah - January 14



Keli - January 14

yeah, maybe. Ask Jerry Springer, he would know!


SaraH - January 14

NO. It is COMPLETLY and TOTALLY impossible. The baby is only the genetics of the sperm and the egg that were involved in conception. It's just like if you get sperm on you from a guy you don't become partly his, b/c it doesn't work that way (not to mention you have all your genetic info already) ---For the baby too, it doesn't work that way and the baby is fully who it's going to be already. From the time the egg and sperm join the baby has ALL of the DNA it's going to have and you can't incorporate any more. 1 egg + 1sperm = baby (in fact even at the time of conception the egg has 'protective measures' to insure that only 1 sperm can fertilize it...if something goes wrong and more then 1 sperm fertilize the egg ---way way before any cell division or growth of the baby occurs--- it normally miscarries early on ).


mlg8 - January 15



punkin01 - February 25

i thought it would be maury to tell her this haha!!!!!!


MNMOM - February 28

are you, like, 14 or something?? Hell no this is not possible.


sweeti - March 17

heheh u gotta be kidding i am sitting here laughing so much i almost p__sed myself hehehehee....go get some education about s_x before u even think about s_x


lilmomma2b - March 31

1 baby cant belong to 2 different men. However, at conception, if there were 2 eggs and you had s_x with 2 men within a certain time frame (like 24 hours but not certain on that) and both eggs are fertilized there is a slim chance of one man is the father of one baby the other man is the father of the other baby. But this can only happen in fraternal twins, not identical twins. If I understand you correctly, you were already 20 weeks preggy and then had s_x with a friend. The is NOT part his, this does not happen in humans. Not trying to make fun but that only happens in dogs and cats thats why we call their baby's muts.


SaraH - April 2

lilmomma2b, that doesn't happen in dogs or cat's either. Mutts means that they are a mix of breads, but they still only have 1 father and 1 mother (just like a person can be of English, German, French, and Swedish decent, but they still only have 1 father and 1 mother). Same for cats and dogs. A mutt means that the dog isn't a pure bread; that the parents were mixed breads, but there is still only 1 mother and 1 father. What can happen in dogs and cats is like what you were saying w/ fraternal twins. A female cat can get pregnant by more then 1 male cat but each of the kittens only has 1 father, and each egg is only fertilized by 1 sperm from 1 of the male cats. One kitten has 1 father, but all the kittens from the same pregnancy may not have the same father. 1 kitten though can only have the genes from the mothers egg and from the sperm of one male. Once conception occurs there is no addition of DNA. One egg + 1 sperm = 1 kitten/puppy/human baby. If the mother dog/cat has s_x w/ a "new" dog/cat after it is already pregnant and conception has occurred the puppy/kitten CAN NOT get the genes of the "new" dog/cat. It doesn't work that way in humans and it doesn't work that way in animals either.


EMMA2 - April 2

hahah lillmomma thats the stupidest thing i ever heard! it DOES not happen in animals either a mutt is simply a mixed dog and not even cats are called mutts. youre so stupid! and to the original poster youre really s_xually challenged go read up on pregnancy before having this baby .


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 3

I don't know whats funnier, her question or some of the posts


DownbutnotOUT - April 8

This can't be real no one can be this DUMB


babylove4 - April 9



lilmomma2b - April 24

Good God, attack a person over a comment made about a dog and cat. What I was trying to tell the girl is, a fkn female dog and cat put out many eggs at one time therefore each baby can have a different father IF the animal bred with different fathers!!!!! Thats why if you have a purebred dog or cat you only allow it to breed with 1 purebred male. Otherwise the babies will be what we refer to as MUTS! EMMA2 why come on here and attack me as well as the person who posted the message, didn't see anyone rattle your chain! If someone asks for help, you should either help or shut your fkn pie hole!


tommy^wifey - April 30



Corrine321 - May 18

LMAO! are you joking? seriously? wtf? omg, i cant stop laughing..



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