Sex With Two Guys

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Corrine321 - May 18

LMAO! are you joking? seriously? wtf? omg, i cant stop laughing..


lulu00 - May 18

wow...this is and my two friends were just cracking up about this!! Once a baby is already conceived...THERE IS NO WAY IN LIVING HELL THE BABY COULD CHANGE GENETICS AND JUST UP BE SOMEONE ELSES agree with Babylove4...GO BACK TO SCHOOL...YOU ARE TOO DUMB TO RAISE A KID!!! WOW....


justcurious - May 30

Actually if you are at all educated people lilmomma is completely right.. I will use a recent example in the news... A woman had s_x with her husband (white) and an afair with her lover (black)... She gave birth to fraternal twins... ONE was her husbands and white the OTHER was her lovers and black.... lilmomma is not saying the DNA mixes, just that it is possible for a woman to cary two different fathers baby at the same time... AND this has happened, it is rare, but it DID recently happen in the news... So before you bash people for being uneducated, READ what they say, and then make sure you understand it.,.. and then offer helpful advise! sheeeesh people...


justcurious - May 30

AND one more thing... for those of you that said she was toooo dumb to raise a kid.... you need to seriously get a life... A) maybe she is young and not tooo bright by YOUR standards... BUT she is 20 months pregnant so comments like that are not helpful... ALSO my Best friend of 10 years had a baby when she was 18, I remember thinking how young, dumb and naive she was... what on earth was she doing having a kid... well now almost 10 years later, i am pregnant, and realize how unsportive i was of her, when she needed a freind not someone telling her what a f***ing moron she was... Please people... THINK before you attack others... Karma will get you...


vikki24 - June 3

you obviously shouldn't be having a baby if you think the baby could have 2 daddy's!..and if your already pregnany by one guy, but are you sleeping around? siiick!


Foxxy - June 3

lol, No


cdef - June 5

Ledouxfn-- dont worry. Your question is perfectly fine to ask. You guys be nice. So, she's pregnant. don't hate!


NZ_Girl - June 8

you're seriously asking that? u really aren't mature enough to be pregnant are you


Ky_la_02 - June 11

I agree with justcurious & cdef - This should be a place where anyone can ask a question without being ridiculed about it. All of you keep going off on her but you're the ones who need to do the growing up. Not a single one of you has the right to put this person down. This is a safe place where people can come to share their thoughts and feelings with confidence and a lot of you have shot that to hell for this girl. It's sad that not more of your are standing up for her. She may be young and unknowledgeable about this topic - just like every single one of us were at one time - but she came to you for advice and almost every post is to put her down. Those of you who have called her stupid are not superior to her so don't act like you are. You do not know this girl and have no right to judge her. All of you who've said something bad to her should appologize, but I wouldn't expect any of you to take it back because that would be a mature thing to do. Just think before you post something next time. To ledouxfn; Keep your head up. Don't let some narrow minded people get the best of you. Know that there are good people still on this site and know that we will be there for you. Good luck to you, your baby and everything else throughout your whole pregnancy.



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