Sex With Your Big Belly

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Cindy - October 14

Are there any good positions besides doggie style with this big pregnant belly? I am only five months pregnant but my belly is big (it is my fifth baby)


Rachel.R - October 14

Im 27 weeks pregnant.. and too have had the same problem.. if we use the missionary position.. my boyfriend leans on my belly and it hurts.. yeah doggie is good.. but iv found this one is GREAT.. k. Get a chair (gas lift is best, like a computer chair) Get your partner to sit on it with his legs spread abit.. and then you hop on top of him. This is really good if your short like me, cause you can adjust the height of the chair down for shorter and up for taller.. I get my boyfriend to move forward abit and when i sit on him i sit between his legs and lean back just a little, it allows for deeper penetration, and it feels awesome !! its great with the gas lift chairs too, cause they are sort of bouncy.. they bounce good with you.. try that, and tell me what you think. you can email me [email protected] my boyfriend and i are always experimenting, so if i come up with something new. i could always let you know.


Cindy - October 16

Thanks; I will try that. A girl at work said she did it missionary position but with her legs over her own shoulders! I don't think I could breathe like that......


Emily - October 21

Try laying on the edge of the bed with him standing on the floor next to the bed, Put your legs up in the air on his shoulders. If he is to tall you may need to put a pillow or 2 under your b___t.


shiva - October 22

Dizzy kitten pose is good. I saw it in the kama sutra. You need a basket you can fit in. You suspend that from the ceiling. the basket will need a hole in the bottom. your dh can stick his p___s in the hole and spin the basket. Its it painfree and a bit kinky.


Cindy - October 25

Oh my goodness; I don't think I am young enough for one of those baskets. I am 42. We have been doing it with him on top and me on my side but that was too deep of penetration. Actually I am sometimes just happy with him kissing me and sucking my b___sts and I give him oral s_x.



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